The history of makeup

Makeup has been around since 400 BCE (Before Common Era) it started with the Egyptians doing eyeliner to white powders to lighten skin tone and green eye color to represent different gods. Romans used different cosmetics during the 1st century. Kohl was used for multiple reasons like, darkening eyelashes, and eyelids. Women used lead and chalk on their faces. Persian women used henna to stain their hands and hair. They believed that this would summon different types of gods. During the Middle Ages, light skin was a sign of wealth. In the Thirteenth century, women bought pink lipstick to prove they could afford synthetic makeup. 

As you can see makeup has advanced throughout the centuries. Through different centuries different types of makeup was more popular. Different cultures also have had different types of makeup used. In the 20th century, women started to apply makeup to take pictures. Mirrors became for affordable at this time. The makeup ingredients changed too. While some cultures used natural ingredients those can be harmful. But once makeup companies started making their products out of different moisturizing products, water, oil, wax mixed with a filler like talc. There are also different types of pigments that make it so foundation covers your skin. 

Do you think that makeup will change a lot more over the years? 

Do you think makeup has become too much over the years?,as%20early%20as%204000%20BCE.


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  • Your topic is good but you should expand a talk more about the impact the US has had on make-up trends.  The big issue is you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think makeup is constantly changing, the trends, the styles, etc. I don't think it has become too much. I think that whatever people feel comfortable with they should be able to wear. It definitely depends on peoples' preference on makeup style.

  • I think that makeup will for sure keep changing over the years like everything else has. I don't really think that the day to day makeup has gotten too crazy for most people. On the other hand, some people like to do different looks that are more eye catching.

  • I think that makeup will change a lot more over the years, a lot like everything else. With new inventions and technology I think everything will just keep improving, or atleast changing. Some people go a little crazy with the makeup but for the most part I don't think makeup has become too much.

  • I think makeup will change a lot more over the years. Makeup trends are constantly changing, and beauty standards might also change over time. I think makeup is good for self expression, but the problem with it is that it can cause self image issues.

  • I think formulas and makeup trends will advance over the years. I don't believe makeup has became too much, I like to think of it as a way for people to express themselves. I also think makeup will advance maybe later on to guys wearing it in the future. 

  • I think that makeup will change over the years, similar to how the beauty standards have changed. I don't think that it is too much, because every person has a different style, so it is what they think. The different trends have changed over the years, so whatever makes the person wearing it comfortable it what really matters.

  • I think that makeup has changed a lot over the years. Nowadays most females wear makeup as an everyday thing instead of wearing it for just pictures or summoning different kinds of gods. I think that makeup is sometimes too much, makeup is a way to express yourself, but I also think that people should want others to see them how they actually are.

  • I think that makeup has changed a lot compared to when it started. Theres no reason why it wouldn't countinue to grow. I think that sometimes it can become to much if people abuse it. I could see their being many improvments in the future with makeup.

  • Yes it will change. It has become to much.

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