Street Legal Cars

Some countries have regulations of what cars are considered road legal. Most cars out there are road legal, but an act in 1985 made it so that every newly made foreign vehicle must pass a strict inspection or it will have a 25 year ban on it. Some of the car manufacturers that were impacted were most Japanese brand cars such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, ect. The reason they were banned was because they didn’t meet the safety standards the U.S. has. Unlike today most cars have met the safety standards, but older cars such as a Nissan Skyline which didn’t meet today's standards cannot be imported until 2024 since it will have been 25 since the car was manufactured.

Some people also like to collect cars from movies like all the Aston Martins James Bond used. Though some are legal they still are what the government calls “collectables” and are only meant for showcasing.

Other people like to collect race cars, but those are meant strictly for competing and not for the public road. Those cars can be a safety hazard. Then there's the famous supercars like Bugattis, Mclarens, Paganis, ect. Super cars are high performance sports cars and are typically road legal, but it depends where you live and what car it is. Some countries have banned the use of super cars outside of a track and can even take them away if that law is broken.

Then the last type of cars that are not considered road legal are heavily modified cars. The modifying of a car's engine came about in the 60s but really started to take off in the 90s. The tuning of cars can make them illegal. Some of the most modified car brands are Hondas, Nissans, Subarus, and many others. This has led to many cars to be inspected even more than the 25 year regulations. These types of cars are generally ones that perform illegal street races. Though there are some places where you can specifically take them to race and drift they are also public hazards like race cars. All in all, not all cars are street legal. 


Do you think all cars should be road legal?


Do you think the government should be more strict or not? Why?

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  • Good topic choice and well done summary Joseph! Be sure to include your sources at the bottom. Also be sure to reply back to student comments a bit more next time as well.

  • I think most cars should be road legal. Its what the owners has the cars for. Showing them off. So show they off on the streets instead of them sitting in a garage and then having to be trailered around to places they showcase them. I think the government should be less strict on road legal car laws. Sometimes the most heavily modified cars are the safest becuase mostest of them have roll cages, 5 point harnesses, and better seats the keep them from moving around in

  • I dont think every single car should be street leagal. Because, some people do that for there living and it would be awesome if people were to actually be able to take there cars out on the road. But if there vehicle is dangerous to themselves or others then it should not be allowed. Other then that though I wouldnt mind seeing a massive truck with huge tires and jacked up super high driving down the street. 

  • I don't think all cars should be road legal. If the car is dangerous to the person driving or the other people on the road then they shouldn't be able to drive it. I don't think the government needs to be more strict because their regulations are fine as is.

  • Yes, because all cars can slow down and or speed up. I feel as though the government should be less strict about it, i don't really see why it would even be a problem. 

  • In my opinion, I do not believe that all cars should be road legal. There are many reasons to make sure that cars are safe for the road and to be strict about it. The highways and roads are simply modes of transportation to get people from one place to another safely; however, in some areas it can be too strict. If a car meets all of the safety standards and can be used safely, they shouldn't be banned because they can go fast. If a car owner has a sports car that he will only use the speed on tracks and use it safely while on the roads, they should not be penalized for simply owning a unique car. Because of these reasons, I think the the government should be less strict on certain areas about road legality.

  • I think some more cars should be legal because some cars some people work on them for a while then sometimes they'll get pulled over cause it ain't road legal. I think the goverment should be less strict because some people might want to drive on what they work on for a while then they can since it's not road legal.

  • I think all cars that can function normally and not have exception difficulties can be on the road. People who have sports cars and can go really fast still can control their speed. If somebody wants to have a car that is modified on the road, they should be able too, just so it meets standards.

  • I don't think that all vehicles should be street leagal because some vehicles are a danger to the driver and the other people on the road. I think the government does not need to be more strict because they already have enough rules on what vehicles can and can't be one the road.

  • I think all cars should be road legal unless its obvisous it would creat havvoc on the road, not many cars arent road legal but some are very road legal and not  good on the roads. i believe on country roads any car is allowed and on any other road there should be a rule.

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