Show Choir

     Do you like singing?? Do you like dancing?? Than you should try show choir! Currently at Harlan Community High School we have an amazing award winning show choir. We traveled across Iowa almost every weekend during the winter to compete at competitions.   

     What is show choir? According to the website, Stage Right, “Show choir is a performance that combines choral singing along with choreography”. They always have a theme to base their show on. For example, Harlan’s show choir theme for 2024 was, The 80s. We dressed up in leotards, crimped our hair, and sang Elton John. I loved this theme. Show choir first started around the 1970s and was known as “Swing Choir”.  Show choir is mainly a midwest thing. It is not super popular around the world. It started getting attention around the 2010’s because of the TV show “Glee” 

     What is the process of making a show choir? At this high school, you are required to go through an audition process. You must, sing and dance. Then, you will get judged on how well you do and get put into a group based on your vocal range. Then, in August we go through a tough 2 day camp where we learn our choreography for the whole show. Then at practices the dances get easier and you start singing and moving around. Then we start adding our show band, and fun costumes. August-January is the learning time period. February-March is the competition period.  A whole show choir performance takes around 15 minutes.  

     This was my first year doing show choir, and I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy it. All of the time spent on practices pay off during competitions. During this season, we made finals at 2 competitions and we made history for Harlan Community High School’s Breaking Cyclence. So if you are considering trying something new and joining showchoir it will be so worth it!  





What is your opinion on show choir?

Have you ever heard of show choir before? 

Would you ever try show choir? Why or why not?  

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  • I think that show choir is really cool and looks fun. I have heard of it but I have never watched show choir. I don't think I would try show choir because I cant really sing. I thought that the competition would take longer than 15 minutes, which is surprising.

  • I think it looks fun to do and it is really cool. I have heard of it from other people talking about it at school. I dont think I would join show choir because it doesnt really interest me but it does seem very fun to do. 

  • I think show choir is super cool, I did normal choir in middle school without all the dancing. I feel like it would be so hard to sing and dance at the same time, I cant multitask like that. People who do show choir are really talented, they put in a ton of hard work and effort to get amazing at it. 

    • I did show choir in 7th grade and it is wayy different than highschool. 

  • I personally am not in show choir and I have never really had the interest to participate in it. I have heard of it before and I do know a couple of people in it. I definitely wouldn't join show choir just because it's not a big interest of mine and I don't think I'd enjoy it.

  • I didn't know show choir before, but this year at school I met it and I really like watching it, I would try it but just for the dancing part, because I don't sing and I don't like to sing, so I couldn't enter because both things are needed.

  • I have heard of show choir but I would personally never join it I have seen show choir practice and seen them perform behind the scenes. I have never actually seen a performance but I love their cool outfits and how happy they are to be there and the work they put in.

  • I think that show choir is fun, I just HATE spending 5+ hours in a hot room waiting for our results. I think that if the competitions would be a bit shorter, I would enjoy it much more. I do not sing, but I have played the drums for the past 2 years and I have made some great memorys. 

    • I agree! Spending all day at comps can suck. But its so worth it!

  • I don't mind it but I would never do it because im bad at multitasking, but I do enjoy singing, I thinlk that if i did do show choir it would take me forever to get it right because it's basically doing a play and I don't think that would be something i'd be intrested in.

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