nowadays, schools use technology in almost every classroom. between computers, phones, and big screens, schools use these tools to teach students. but between screens at school and at home, it adds up to lots of screen time. 

schools should use less tech and more paper and pencil assignments. students can get off their tech and interact with their peers. they can do more hands on learning and learn visually. this will not only help them interact, but also help them for a job that has a lot of interaction with people and hands on things. jobs like blue collar jobs, working in a hospital or nursing home, and helping people and doing hands on things. 

the pro of learning with technology is that our future is technology. it is now so advanced that technology is all students know. they may even learn better by doing homework on their phones or computers. some students just feel more comfortable with the fact they know so much about tech. 

another con of using technology learning is that it is very bad for people eyes. students use it so much at home and at school, that their vision could get very bad. for this, i think schools should recommend blue light glasses, or even doing the assignment on paper. 


do you think that students should use more technology at school? why or why not? 

would you prefer paper or technology assignments? 

do you think schools should avoid technology since we use so much at home?

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  • So your summary is well done but be sure to capitalize letters that should be and also post your sources you use. The bigger issue is that you only replied once to student comments. -5 LATE

  • I think that we should be using the computers the same amount that we have. The evolving world calls for skills such as computer skills and online communication. If people cannot understand how to run a computer, they will not survive in the future.

  • In my personal opinion, I think that students should be using a lot of technology during school because they will need to use it every single day in the real world. With how much technology is being intregrated into the workforce it is more beneficial now than ever for people to be adept with technology.

  • Personally, I don't think that they should limit the amount of screen time. Personally, I like online assignments better than paper assignments. I think that online would help us better than in paper because it is harder to lose assignments online.

  • I like paper assignments more. I don't think shools should limit technology use because as time has gone on more and more technology is being invented and I feel its only here to make certain aspects of life easier, including school. There will be more technology use no matter what.

  • I think technology is beneficial and harmful for students.  With it's advanced features, it is good for learning in all sorts of classes. I like both, I don't have apreference of paper assignments of online ones. I think teachers can decide what they think is most beneficial.

  • I think that sometimes we could have screen time. I say that because a lot of students will be on their computers in class when they are taking notes or when they are supposed to be doing their homework. I also think that we shouldn't have screen time.

  • I think the amount of technology we use is fine, I don't think it should be limited to more or less. I prefer technology assignments, and tests, but that's simply so it's easier to look up answers, and no I don't think so because not all students have access to technology at home. So, it's good for them to be exposed to it at school.

  • I think that they should limit technology usage. I personally prefer to use paper because I enjoy writing unless it's a big project. I don't think that schools should avoid it altogether but they should definitely manage how much time we spend on it.

  • Yes, honestly personally, I know I am on my phone too much. Now that I’m in high school it doesn’t help because I’m on it more. I think that phones are not very good for you and that we need to do something about it, also I think that our parents should make us be on them less too.

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