Should we keep Unmarked Police Cars?

Should we keep undercover/unmarked cops? Though those ones are marked and can pull you over, are unmarked police cars really necessary?

Overall, undercover policing has been a very effective route in policing. Undercover police cars control the movement of traffic. When people know there may be a cop they tend to follow traffic laws better. When no cops are easily seen, they loosen up on the laws. Having unmarked police cars out can worry some people into obeying the laws. Many crimes tend to happen where police cars are not. Having unmarked cars can secure the area better and catch criminals. The use of unmarked cars may seem unfair, but it ensures safety for the public. In Iowa, it is legal for there to be Unmarked police cars. If the police officer is not in uniform, they must be in a marked police car, but if they are in uniform, they may be in an unmarked police car. 

Many people do not enjoy being pulled over, especially by someone they didn’t even know was around. Unmarked cop cars blend into traffic. Unmarked cars are sometimes difficult to identify. If an unmarked car tries to pull you over some would think it wasn’t a cop because it has no marking. Unmarked cars can lead to people impersonating the police and abduction rates increase. Some people will not end up obeying the police orders if they are unmarked. 

Personally, I have seen an unmarked police car pull someone over before, and I don't think they should be banned. We don't have very many unmarked cars in Iowa, and I think it is fine. We should be obeying the laws at all times, so it shouldn't matter if they are marked or not, but I do see why some would find it very aggravating to have them. If you live in a bigger city, you may not realize when they are trying to pull you over. But in Small town Harlan, we don't have this problem, especially since we don't have a police department anymore. 


Do you think unmarked cop cars should be banned? Why or why not? 


Have you ever seen an unmarked police car do anything? 


Do you think the unmarked police cars really affect us in any way?,police%20vehicle%2C%20they%20drive%20better

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  • Great job Sabre!!

  • Personally, I don’t think unmarked police cars should be banned. They can be useful to the police in some situations to stop crimes. I also think part of the reason why they are so effective is because they are harder to spot than a regular car. For example, if somebody is speeding then just remembering unmarked police cars exists may cause them to slow down.

  • I don't think that unmarked police cars should be a thing, because I have a feeling that a "scam" is going to start, like with people acting like police and then trafficking or getting money out of the people getting pulled over. I don't think they really affect us at the moment besides "tricking" us and giving us a higher chance of being pulled over.

  • I dont know it is all personal, I personally do not like unmarked cops, Im not a fan of cops in genral but unarked are even worse. Unaarked cops make it 10x harder to see or do anythung fun, usally I do not mind cops but owning a sports car i want to go fast.

  • I don't think that unmarked should be banned because it would be harder to catch someone if it wasn't unmarked and they have then to stay undercover and catch people that they need to. I did get pulled over last month by an unmarked cop and he got me for window tint. I think that they do affect us because some people never know they were behind them or never knew it was a cop.

  • I don't think that unmarked police cars should be banned. They can be very helpful when the police are trying to catch a criminal, because they don't really look like a cop car. They also won't bother you if your obeying the law. 

  • I do not think they should be banned. I think it can be frustrating at times when you don't know who it is but in the end they can do a lot. I saw over 15 unmarked police cars and trucks on pursuit to a drug bust the other day which is why I think they can be affective. 

  • I do not think that unmarked police cars should be banned because, if it is marked or not marked  people should still follow the law and it should not matter how or what pulls them over. Yes I think that all police cars are affefctive in the US.

  • I think that unmarked cops are good because people might be doing something bad and see a cop and then quit right away. Unmarked cars are so hard to tell that they are cop until they are super close. I have seen a unmarked cop pull someone over.

  • I don't think we should keep unmarked police cars, some of the new drivers could be confused when getting pulled over by one. If they are aren't going to be banned entirely, they should keep one if not two per county. 

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