Many students have study hall for at least one period of the day. however most kids just sit on their phones and do not work on work so what is the point of us being there, many students would like to go home during their study hall and they can't because they have to get signed out, students should be able to leave during there study halls so they have free time in between classes to refocus ourselves During the school day the administration is responsible for the safety of all students In order to fulfill this responsibility the administration feels it necessary to monitor students from the time they arrive at school to the time they get home


Students are currently expected to stay in study hall because the administration believes study hall encourages productivity and ensures students’ safety allowing responsible students to go home during study hall would allow them to use their periods more efficiently students who need to write essays or work on projects would be able to do so in a quiet space with familiar computers and materials. Students participating in after-school activities can get a head-start on their homework and save valuable time.  


While student safety is perhaps a more valid concern than student productivity responsible upperclassmen can be expected to accept liability for themselves while off-campus. in terms of legal responsibility, a system can easily be put in place to release the school of accountability for a student’s safety while he or she is off campus. It is important to remember that an off-campus privilege would be more precise than a privilege.



Do you think students should be able to leave during study hall? 


Do you think this could improve engagement while the teachers teach? 


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  • Keegan,

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  • I think that they should be able to leave because if they have nothing to do they should be able to leave and I think that the teachers should check up on the students and see where they are at with grades and everything and they should be able to leave if they have everything done.

  • I personally don't think that freshmen and sophomores should have the option to have open campus, but I think juniors and seniors should have the freedom to leave during their study hall. I think this because juniors and seniors would be more responsible with getting their work done on time compared to freshmen and sophomores. 

  • Yes i feel like it should be allowed because for example if you have studyhall 8th hour you should be able to just go home and finish your homework instead of having to stay in school until 3:00, so i think they should be able to go home during studyhall.

  • I think if you drive, you should be able to. Especially if you have 8th-period study hall, it's kind of useless to be there unless you have something to work on. It is the student's choice so if they fail a test because of not studying, it's their own fault. 

  • I think that anyone should be able to leave during their study halls or lunches if they are doing a good job in school. For example, if someone has any grades above a D or an F, they should be able to leave school if they have a stduy hall or lunch. Theoretically, this could help grades becasue people feel less trapped and stressed during the school year.

  • I think that maybe the freshman and sophmores should get get open campus on friday, just so they can get a little freedom. For juniors, I think they should be able to leave study hall but only if they are looking good to graduate. For seniors, they are old enough and are close enough to graduating to be able to leave for a study hall. Obviusly, staff should try their best to make sure students are behaving during their open campus. 

    • I agree with this freshman and sophomores should get it open campus in Fridays it would give them freedom 

  • I do not think that freshman and sophmores should be able to sign out of study hall. However, I do think that juniors with their drivers license, and that are all caught up in their classes should be able to sign out of study hall. I do not really think this will help the engagement in the classroom.

  • I don't think that underclassmen should be allowed to leave during their study hall. This class is to get work done and I don't think that you will get more work done when you're home because you will have less time since you had to drive home. 

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