should transgender care for minors be restricted?

There have been a lot of talks lately about states restricting or outright banning transgender care. This can be very harmful to trans youth, taking away the one thing they can do to feel good about themselves can harm their mental health and well-being. banning trans care for minors will inevitably raise suicide rates among trans youth.  

There has been more than one state banning or restricting trans care making it harder and harder for children to feel comfortable in their bodies. I think banning trans care for minors is not a good idea, the way it is now trans youth can get care but they need the permission of their parents and a therapist's recommendation. Making already hard enough to get care but this bill will take away all the effort we have gone through.


what do you think?

should transgender care be restricted?



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  • I think that for youth's mental health allowing transgender care for the youth is worse than allowing it. I think that transgender care should not be allowed. I think that the way it is now with making it hard is good because I think that it shouldn't be done at all. Isn't there also suicide of people who become transgender then regret it?

  • You are very correct by saying that that banning trans-genders would harm their mental health. But is their mental health already harmed in the first place? My beliefs are God and the Bible. And according to my religion, I will not support transgender or LGBTQ. I will not be mean to anyone that is one of these. However, I do not support it what so ever. I also don't like when transgenders tell people to call them "him", "they", "her", ect. You may feel that you are one of those genders, however, you can't force me to call you by what you want me to. In 200 years, when people are digging our bodies, they will determine what gender we are by our body parts or not. And whatever surgery people have, scientists will still be able to tell what gender they "are". I am sure that this whole transgender thing will pass over in a while. Just like the WHIP and NAY NAY dance!

    • I love the Whip and nay nay dance reference but on a whole other note, I agree with you, becoming another gender could mess up your life forever, and I am also a firm believer in Christianity and I will not go against transgender or LGBTQ but under no circumstance will I support it, I think that God gave us 2 genders and we should be thankful for that and not change genders, also trans people could get angry that churches will not let them join because they are trans, but I think we have a strong belief and they need to respect that.

    • I respect that your religion makes you not support the LGBT and I'm glad you are not being mean as everyone has a different opinion and you are entitled to yours but for me, I feel that trans care should not be restricted.

  • I think that being transgender and gay is more of a mental issue. I feel that someone who is trans doesn't understand what they are doing to themselves. I feel that if someone were to be trans they should get no more care than anyone else. 

  • I don't think that there should be the kind of care that you are thinking of. I think some of these people could use mentoring, but the way that would make them decide against being trans. I do not think it is right at all for people to switch genders. I think that these people think they need special care because of there decisions to be trans or just weird. If they did not try to be so different, then they would not need help.

  • I think that transgender people should be allowed care for whatever they need. I don't see a problem with them and it is just sad that there are so many mental issues that follow from being part of the LGBTQ community. If it has been proven to be effective for them, they should be allowed care. Including minors. 

    • I agree with you people assume that being trans itself is a mental disorder but that's not true its what comes with being trans that hurt others. 

  • I think that it should not be allowed for a child under the age of 18 to undergo any hormone therapy, or any trans surgery. They should at least be an adult then they can do whatever they feel necessary. Personally I dont agree with parents and people pushing kids to do this to themselves before they are fully developed.

  • I think being transgender or LGBTQ is a mental issue. I think there should be a mental class for this to help strengthen there brains. I think we shouldn't be letting people get these surgeries because this is against the Catholic Religon. This is a sickening act that shouldn't be happening. Theres two and only two genders on this world. This is sacreligous and should be fixed. The bible says that this is not okay.

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