should transgender care for minors be restricted?

There have been a lot of talks lately about states restricting or outright banning transgender care. This can be very harmful to trans youth, taking away the one thing they can do to feel good about themselves can harm their mental health and well-being. banning trans care for minors will inevitably raise suicide rates among trans youth.  

There has been more than one state banning or restricting trans care making it harder and harder for children to feel comfortable in their bodies. I think banning trans care for minors is not a good idea, the way it is now trans youth can get care but they need the permission of their parents and a therapist's recommendation. Making already hard enough to get care but this bill will take away all the effort we have gone through.


what do you think?

should transgender care be restricted?



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  • This is always a tough topic and I respect that you did it. Good job overall but would like to see your summary longer.

  • I think that transgender care should be banned because god made you the way that you are. It is not something that is meant to be changed. You were born as what you are and that is that. People that change their genders and go against gods word don't deserve care,

  • I agree with Ivy. I think it should be restricted until you the patient turns 18. At the age of 18, you would think they will believe what they want and know right from wrong in their opinion. I also think that the parents should have to say if they are willing to have transgender care for their children or not before the age of 18.

  • I think that it would be good to ban transgender care because people shouldn't be able to just switch who they are because they feel like it, and God made people the way they should have been made he doesn't make mistakes. It should be restricted because no one should be able to change their gender, if they are thinking of suicide they can take anti-depressants.

  • I think people should feel free to think whatever they want to think, I don't personally have an opinion on this topic, but I think it should be restricted until the age of 18. Which, I feel is just common sense to wait, and make sure that that is what they want, and to not rush into it at such a young age.

  • Gay... Gay is the first thing that comes to my head when I think of this topic. There should not be a argument about if it is your descion or not to be trans. Being trans makes you hated, being trans makes people emabressed to be around you. In my opnion it is ones opnion to be gay/trans.

  • I think that it should be restricted or even banned. I don't even think it should happen. Some people must get breast reductions, but that is for a good reason. They often have to be doctor prescribed. But there is not one doctor that looks at a person and thinks, "This girl is a boy, let's give her boy bits" or "this is a boy let's give him girl bits" this just doesn't happen in the real world. I don't even think that there should even be parental consent. A lot of people that have had this done have wanted it reversed, but they can't get it reversed. Some parents, like Jazz Jennings, have made lots of money from him, (Her? I'm not sure). She (he?) has there own TV show. She was 3 years old when she has deemed a girl. Isn't this a bit young? Also, reading some of your comments. you mentioned something about them being Suicidal. This doesn't seem very likely. Not everyone is suicidal because everyone is different, and they have different ways of thinking. We were taught the birds and bees in school, not bees and bees, or birds and birds. 

  • If you want to change genders, there is something mentally wrong with you. You can't just change your gender because you feel like it. I don't think that we should support transgender for any age, I think it would be idiotic if we started providing care for transgenders. There are only 2 genders, male and female and you cannot just change that. 

    • i agree with this 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think it should be restricted, as a child, you aren't fully aware of what you want in your future, and you don't know if this is a life-long transition you would like to make. Some may know for sure that this is what they want and they want it permanently for the rest of their lives, but a lot of children do it because it's a "trend" or they were "influenced" by their friends and they want to be like everyone else. So I think it should have some regulations on what you can do, especially if you're young because it could potentially hurt your body in the future.

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