I think that trans people should not be able to compete. I think this because of how much of a disadvantage there could be to the other genders. How it can ruin people's careers. I think another reason is because of how many scandals could go on. Finally because it is just not fair for the other people participating in said competitions.


I believe that trans powerlifting athletes should not compete because what would happen if a man says he is a woman and goes into a lifting competition and destroys all the other athletes. Think about how much time and effort all those other athletes put in just to be shown up by a man who says he is a woman. I do not think that is fair to the other competitors.


Almost a couple of weeks ago there was a news article about how a male powerlifter and personal trainer entered into a womens powerlifter competition. The trainer was trying to prove a point by going into a competition as identifying as a woman supposedly. He was trying to prove that most powerlifting competitions allow competitors to enter in what they want to be self identified as like how he self identifies as a “women”. When he entered into the competition he smashed every record by at least 100 pounds he beat the women's powerlifting record of 275 pounds and changed it to now 375 pounds and the same goes on for the rest of the lifts.


In the end after he won the entire competition the very next day he switched back to identifying as male man who competes in MALE competitions. This is why I think that it is totally unfair to the other competitors because they can stroll up and beat everyone there then just switch back like nothing happened.



Do you think trans altheltes should compete why or why not?


what would you do in this situation?






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  • So overall good but your summary should really start by explaine the issue at hand amd then go into your opinions. Educate first. Be sure to reply on three different days, otherwider good job replying to people.

  • In my personal opinion, I do not think that transgender people should be allowed to compete in any sport, especially one based off of one's strength. There is just a fundamental difference between men and women's biology that creates an extreme unfair advantage to these people.

  • I think that this is cheating and is very unfair to female athletes. Men are biologically stronger than woman. Female athletes shouldn't compete with male athletes. The winner of the D1 womens swimming meet was a biological man.

  • as that is with any competing men and women are different i dont really know about powerlifting or any weight copetitions but i'll put tennis stats in.        Serena Williams the  No. 1 female champion in america  has a whopping 39 major titles  would or statistically could be at a slightly dissapointing 600-700 ranking. thats a loss  for women especially. if people continue to push "trans in sports" rights we'll just have lower ranking biological women.

  • I personally do not think that transgender athletes should be able to compete in any events with the gender they are switching to. As a female, I would be very upset if I would compete against a biological male. Males are genetically stronger and more athletic than females and for that reason, they shouldn't be able to power lift with biological females. 

  • I can see if they are on testosterone blockers for however long and get surgery and stuff so they have everything a women does. They might as well just combine the sports together and not even make it womens or men if people think it's okay to compete with male to female. 

  • I do not think trans people should be able to compete in any events with normal people. If I were a girl and a male competed with me I would be extremely mad. Males are bioligically stronger and God made us like that for a reason.

    • Yes I agree with you that if I was a girl and a male with no test blocker rolled up and smashed every record I would be mad because it is not fair how males are stronger then females and they need to stick to thier own leage.

  • I personally believe that there is no way that trans people should be able to compete in a sport and or power lifting. In most cases men are able to lift more than women but if a women trains they can be stronger. Trans people either have a gender or not. 

  • I personally don't think they should be allowed to compete in a sport where they would have a huge advantage in. Whether it's male or female switching, either way it would be unfair. There really is no way to make a man not be able to lift as much so that it would be equal to a women for powerlifting. 

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