Should TikTok be banned?

Should TikTok be banned?


Recently, there has been a lot of controversy on if TikTok should be banned or not. Some people find it necessary and some people think the complete opposite. The house of representatives recently passed a bill to ban TikTok. Originally, it was Donald Trump’s idea to ban TikTok. It was Joe Biden who was somewhat against the ban. Now, it is the opposite. Donald Trump promises not to ban TikTok if he wins the 2024 presidential election and Joe Biden is trying to take TikTok away. It was unanimously approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee with a vote of 50 to 0.

More than 150 million Americans use TikTok and both people who use it and don’t are wondering if it is safe. Like all social media apps of course there are scams for things like followers, romance, and investment scams. One thing about Tik Tok is it doesn’t secure your information like Facebook does, which makes it untrustworthy and dangerous.

If TikTok was banned, influencers all around the world would lose all followers and would have to start all over on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which could be banned in the future as well. Shira, a TikTok influencer says, "TikTok has cultivated a huge community of people who discuss politics and current affairs without it being altered by propaganda. A lot of us just want to know the truth. The whole TikTok ban is clearly a tactic to control the narrative." Brandon Hurst, another influencer says, “These representatives and senators don’t understand that what they’re doing won’t just harm people they call ‘content creators.’ It would hurt small businesses.” Personally, I agree. I think that a lot of people have made a living off of TikTok. Especially because of a new feature on TikTok called, “TikTok shop” which gives creators the ability to sell their own items which TikTok then offers coupons for making it more affordable, which equals out to more people buying. 

What do you think? Should TikTok be banned? Or should it be kept?


Do you use TikTok? How often?


Do you think TikTok is safe to use?

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    • I agree. I think it's a very popular app to entertain people.

  • I dont think tiktok should be banned because so many people use it and it is a very popular app. I do use tiktok and im on it everyday and enjoy watching my fyp because its all videos i either relate to or like to watch. It is super addicting and consumes lots of my time. 

    • I agree. It is very popular and I enjoy watching videos.

  • I think with just tiktok it should be banned becuase how often a lot of people go and scroll on it msotly all day long and tiktok it kind of getting bad throught the most time and we shouldn't use tiktok anymore.

    • I disagree. It should not be banned.

  • I think TikTok should be banned because it consumes everyone's free time.  I get that it's an easy way to waste time but there are so many other thingst that you could spend your time doing. I don't use it that much, I mostly go on Instagram reels.

    • I think that I've gotten more and more drawn to reels now then TikTok! It consumes a lot of time, also.

  • I honestly don't know, I like tiktok and I scroll on it endlessly, but it can be super weird and negative. I think the world would be overall better without social media, but i know its not going anywhere, if anythign it's becoming more and more popular. I think tiktok is more bad than good.

    • I agree. I think there are a lot of pros and cons.

  • I do not tiktok should be banned, yes it has both positive and negative sides, I understand why they would want to do this. I use tiktok a lot, whenever i have nothing else to do, so a lot. I think it is safe but used the right way by the right people able to have social media. Not little kids nor dangerous people.

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