With 79% of people saying prescription drug costs are unreasonable, and 70% reporting lowering prescripon drug costs as their top priority, The populor prescription drug debate is how they are going to reduce prescription drug costs, One concideration is whether the federal government should regulate prescription drug prices.


A prescription drug is a medication that may only obtained with a doctors recommendation and authorization, In some US states, Physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, and other medical professionals are able to write prescriptions in additon to doctors. prescription drugs are divided into two categories brand named drugs and generic drugs 


In the united states drug companies set prescription drug prices, which are largley unregulated by the US Federal Government. Some drug companies will be familiar due to their names being attached to Covid-19 vaccines or other common producst Like johnson and johnson and pfizer,Others may not be household names but command large portions of the market.


Do you think the government regulate prescription drug prices? 

Why or why not?

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  • Good topic and good job overall Austin! You could havce replied a few more times.

  • People should have an easier way of getting the medication they need. Prices of these drugs should be dropped drastically there are some drugs that are up ward of $700 dollars and different insurance companies cover different things and amounts which is also unfair. Lots of people struggle to get meds they need do to this fact.

  • In my opinion I think that they should lower the prices. They should lower the prices because they need to be less costly so almost everyone has the chance to get the medication that they need. Over all, everyone needs to be able to access these prescription drugs if needed. 

  • I believe that the government should regulate prescription drug prices. They should be lowered and made avaiable to all people that need them. People should not have to go without medicine that they need because they cannot afford them.  

  • I think that the cost of prescription drugs should be lowed. I feel lowering the drug prices could make it easier to not worry about the prices. I think that lowering them would or could help some people out alot who aren't able to pay the full prescription drugs money. I think that people should be able to take meds and not have to worry about paying all for them and I feel they should lower the prices.

  • I wish that drug prices would go down, however how will the government pay for it. They will just tax the people and we will be back at square one. 

  • In my opinion, I think that the cost of prescription drugs should be lower. Lowering drug prices can make it so that people will not have to worry about price of drugs as much because they may not have been able to pay for it. People shouldn't have to stop taking the medicine that keeps them healthy just to save money.

  • Yes, I completely think presciption drug prices should be regulated. Prescription drugs are way overpriced and it's sickening how much some companies sharge for things like insulin that they know some people need in order to live.

  • In my opinion, the government should definitely regulate prescription drug prices. Nowadays, drug prices are grossly inflated. For example, drug manufacturers make insulin for around 6 dollars, yet companies can sell it for hundreds of dollars. Many people rely on drugs and having companies raise the price for profit can ruin lives.  Lowering drug prices can make it so that people will not have to worry about price of drugs as much because they may not have been able to pay for it.

  • I personally think that prescription drugs should be lowerd. There is alot of people sick and cant work because they dont have the meds making it harder to bring money in for there house hold. plus there are a lot of people who become even more sick and can lead to death. 

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