Should the Supreme Court add more seats?

In 1937, President Franklin D Roosevelt proposed an idea that would now be known as “US Supreme court packing”. Court-packing is increasing the number of seats in court to change up the courtroom. In 2019 it was brought back up after Donald Trump appointed Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In 2020, they suggested expanding the court to 15 justices. There are many pros and cons to why we should or shouldn't expand the courtroom.

There are many pros of court-packing. One of which is the court is somewhat imbalanced, and adding justices would ensure that it never reflects only one party’s political agenda. Also, the US Constitution does not say how many justices to have on the supreme court, so it would be easy to change it to more than nine.

But, while there are pros, there are also cons. A big con would be that each president would just be allowed to add justices for rank political reasons. Also, another reason why it is fine where it's at, is that historical precedent most strongly supports a nine-judge supreme court is what's best.

In my opinion, I do not think that the Supreme court should add any more seats. I think that because it has done its best at nine justices, why change it? Also, it would give the presidential party a big advantage in the court.

Do you think there should be nine justices or do you think we should have more?

Do you think it would be unfair to the opposite party of the president if it was changed?,The%20Honorable%20John%20G

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  • I think that we should not add more. I think that nine is a good number and that if we have more it will just take longer to get things going though. I think that people would just bash more and than there would be better chance of cases getting out. 

    • I agree that 9 is a good number to keep it at.

  • I think that the more justices that are added, the more complicated politics will get. And since politics are already complicated, why make it worse. They should just keep the number of justices at nine. Though, it would be fairer to set a term limit instead of having them serve for as long as they want to.

    • I agree that adding more justices would just make it more complicated.

  • As people always say, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it". I think this is a great example for this. If the government has done completely fine with 9 justices, why change it? In my opinion, I think that they should just keep it how it is. However, I don't know too much about politics anyways.

    • I agree that they should leave it because it is not doing any harm.

  • I'm not very educated on politics, but I agree with that it is doing well with only nine justices, I have not heard anyone complaining or having problems with how it is as of now. But I feel like it might add more confusion and problems with the Supreme Court if they add more seats.

    • I agree that it would cause more problems if they add more seats.

  • I don't think they should add more seats because certain laws would pass easier if more justices were on the court. I think that there should always be an odd number of justices so that there isn't a tie. I think it would be unfair to the party that isn't in power because it would help the controlling party pass more laws and bills.

    • I agree that it is good where it's at and we should just keep it.

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