When entering your school, what is the first thing you have to do? Well I know for most of the students at HCHS they go to their classes, use the restrooms, or eat breakfast. But that may not be the case for all kids in public school. 

A wide range of children have to go through security before entering their schools. Some schools believe that this keeps their students and their staff much safer. But how much time is this exactly taking out of the students learning time? Schools that have their students go through security have each of their students spend an average of 10 minuties each going through security. This takes up 10 minutes of each students time that they could have spent, using the restrooms, asking teachers for help with homework, or eating breakfast, this can cause the students to also be late for class if they show up 5 minutes early for school. 

But doesn't this mean the school is safer? This does make the school some what safer. It can detect any type of dangerous object that someone might want to bring into the school. This lowers school shootings and school threats, causing less worry for the students. Student's may be agaisnt this because some object that they have to bring into the school may cause the detectors to go off. That would cause them to spend more time then what they are already spending going through security. 

In my opinion, students shouldn't have to go through security. But if they make threats to the school and any type of harmful actions then they should have to go though some types of security before entering the school. Over all, it would take up to much of the students time and may not be in the budget for the school. 

Do you think students should have to go through security? why or why not? 

Should it come out of the school budget?



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  • Good job overall Izzy! Good topic choice as well! I would like to see you use sources to show data. How many schools do this? Has it helped? Schools that have had shoootings, have they had something in place?

  • I think students should not have to go through security at schools. I feel that securitey probably should not need to happen in schools that are in small towns. Also, the ten minutes spent going through security is a waste of students time that could be used for other things. I think it should come from the school budget.

  • I don't think that schools with under size population should have to go through security. Just for the fact that smaller schools aren't being looked at as beging maybe more dangerus than larger school like johnston, Doweling cathilic, and Des Moines Vally, But if school would be forced to put security to get in I don't believe that it should have to come out of the schools budget.

  • I do not think that students should have to go through security for many reasons. I think that this idea would be more suitable for a school in a big city like New York City instead of a rural town like Harlan Iowa. Although I could see this method being put into place if something bad were to happen to the school. 

  • I do not think that school Security like metal detectors and other things like that or necessary or as necessary as a school in like New York because we are in this rural town I think the chances of a school shooter is a lot less than a highly more populated town then Harlan or Shelby County even I'm not saying that someone like RJ or a person walking around or anything to that effect is dumb or un needed I think that extra  preventative like a metal detector or bag look throughment is not necessary

  • I think if there are kids that are bringing things to school then they can deal with that and not make the kids that actually come to school to learn have to take time out of there class time to get searched because other kids want to be dumb and bring guns and everything else.

  • I don't think we should have to go through security to get into the school. If students are running late to class, adding an extra 5-10 minutes to go through security isn't very effective for our learning. If we were to have sercurity, I think it should come out of the school budget because they are the ones who want to put security systems in the school. 

  • In my opinion, I don't think that we should go through security. I believe this because it takes up students' time, which, as you said, could be used on something more productive. I think that having security should be used in schools with a certain crime rate, because they may need the security, but in Harlan I feel safe. This would prabably have to come out of the school budget or the government, and if they are going to, it should come out of their budget.

  • No I don't think that they should go through security even though people are bringing stuff they're not supposed to they should also get the punishment. But, if we do have it should come out of the schools budget since it'll be in school.

  • I dont think that students should have to walk through a metal decetor or have security search them when they come into school. We dont live in a very high criminal area so I dont think that it is necessary for us to have security at our school.

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