Should Students Grade Teachers?

As of right now students are obviously graded by teachers. Grades are beneficial to show what a student has learned and where they are lacking. When a teacher looks at a grade for a class it can tell them multiple things. It could show what the students understood, where certain people excell or not, and give them a general idea of how long to teach a certain subject to get the best results. Some teachers also ask for feedback instead of just looking at grades and test scores. They do this by giving surveys or talking to students by asking what would be better ways to make them understand a topic and if certain ways of teaching are good. There are some teachers who will ask at the end of the year what they can do better to teach the class but not very many. 


If students were able to grade their teachers it woud be beneficial for both the student and the teacher. The student would be able to give their honest opinion on where the teacher is lacking and how they can improve. They can give their experiences in the class that are either good or bad. The students would then improve because bad habits or teaching methods will be removed and replaced with beneficial ones. While grading teachers sounds like a great way for teachers and students to be better it comes with some downfalls. Students may take this as an oppurtunity to lie about the teacher because they didn't like them for some reason. It could create a bad feeling for the teacher if they get a bad grade. Overall students could be immature and use the grading system as revenge or disrespect.


Personally I think that giving some sort of feedback throughout the year to teachers would be beneficial. It would make for a better experience in class for me and other students. I think it would help many peoples grades if teachers were able to teach how students learn the best. Teachers can't teach a whole class of students perfectly because everyone learns in defferent ways but feedback could help. I could see people taking this to their advantage and being disrespectful but overall it is a great way to benifit students. 


Has a teacer ever asked you for feedback?

Do you think students should grade teachers?

Do you think people would take advantage of grading teachers?

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    • I agree that it could go bad with people taking advantage of it but the teachers could possibly learn some things too.

  • I think this is a very interesting topic and we should. I think that grading teachers would help alot and is awesome. I think that the teachers asking our feedback would help the whole school out so much. It would just improve everyone and the learning would just be so much better.

  • I think that student should grade teachers because it would make school way easier because teacher would lower their standards so that they could get a better grade. I think that their would be some people that would take at=dvantage of gradeing teachers but not the majority.

    • I do agree that people would take advantage of the grading.

  • I think that students should grade teachers. The reason being is because it could help improve the teacher's teaching and how they teach the next class. It could also help the next students understand it better. 

  • I feel we grade the teachers on the school survey we have to fill out. There are the questions like "do teachers show respect towards students?" We could go into depth with grading the teachers though. We could grade them on how much students understand a subject after the teacher teaches it, if the teacher is supportive towards students who struggle a bit more with the subject.

  • I don't think that they should grade their teachers, but just give them feedback on how they are doing. If grading teachers was a thing, people would most likely grade teachers they don't like low and those they do high.

    • I agree that they would be graded either low or high depending on who likes them but instead feedback is a good way.

  • I do not think that students should be able to grade teachers. Teachers have gone to school for years more then us just to be able to grade us. As a student it isn't our place to grade the teachers. I do however believe that we should, if respectfully, should be able to give our feedback.

    • I agree that they have the rights to grade us. I also like that we should respectfully give feedback. 

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