Should smoking in public be banned?

Since people have been able to smoke in public there have been a lot of people that have had heart attacks. also researchers found that smoking bans can reduce the number of heart attacks by as much as 26% per year. however public smoking bans seem to be tremendously effective in reducing heart attack and it might also help to prevent lung cancer and emphysema, diseases that develop much more slowly than heart attacks.  public smoking could prevent as many as 154,000 heart attacks each year and second-hand smoke increases the risk by 30 percent. 


Public smoking bans had a stronger effect in reducing heart attacks among women and younger individuals, which may be explained in part because younger people tend to frequent clubs, restaurants, and bars where smoking is a likely part of the social scene. Secondhand smoke is thought to increase the likelihood of a heart attack by making the blood “sticky” and more prone to clotting. Also, the good news is that the beneficial effects of smoking bans appear to be fairly immediate, with declines in reported heart attack cases within 3 months.


The impact of bans was strengthened if compliance was good, if baseline smoking prevalence was low, and if air quality was good. While cardiologists routinely screen for lipid disorders and high blood pressure, they also need to become vigilant about asking patients about tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure and provide counseling as needed.






Do you think that smoking in public should be banned?




Do you think it would lower the chances of heart attacks?

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  • Keegan,

    Much of this was plagiarized from the article you lined. Summarize information in your own words.

  • I think that smoking in public areas that often experience high levels of human traffic should be banned. Although I do think that there should be designated places for smokers to smoke, I think that it should be far away from any where that a lot of people tend to be. I do think that this change could potentially help lower the chances of having a heart attack.

  • I think overall, everyone should stop smoking but if there NEEDS to be a spot available for people to smoke, they should be restricted. People are very easily affected and I think that in certain circumstances, outside isn't enough space for people to not be affected.

  • I think that there should be certain areas where people can smoke. Because I know that second hand smoking is real and can affect a lot of people with things like cancer. So it would be good to just have certain spots. Or people should just stop smoking in general.

  • I personally believe that smoking is gross and should at least have certain areas that people can go to smoke but still I think that if it was it would lower the risk of heart attacks and they could find a new stress reducer if they can not smoke.

  • I think smoking in public should at least have certain areas at which you can smoke. I also think it could lower the chances of a heart attack a little bit but I don't think the number will go down a lot.

  • I think that smoking in public shouldn't be banned but there should be areas or buildings that are just for smoking because the chances increase from having lung cancer from secondhand smoke than directly inhaling it. I think it will lower the chances of heart attacks and lower the lung cancer number.

  • I think that smoking in public should be banned. Smoking in general is disgusting and it smells. I know I don't like having to be around the smell of smoke. I think that smoking in public could also be dangerous due to second hand smoke. I don't think that it would lower the chance of heart attack and if it did, it would be slight.

  • I think smoking should be banned all around. Smoking is so bad for you and the environment and many other things. I think that smoking in public is just rude and can cause many problems so it should be banned. I do think it would lower the chances of heart attacks.

  • i dont think it should be banned i just think that people should be more aware of their suroundings and not smoke in areas with kids or lots of people. i shouldnt have to sit and breath in your cigerett smoke. it is also annoying to have to smell the smoke even if your not being damaged by it.

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