Should Schools have dress codes?

Should schools have dress codes, to a certain extent they should, however, I feel like boys have much more freedom of clothing options than girls. Now this isn’t a girls’ rights post but I have seen some of the shortest shorts on boys and if a girl wears any type of shorts that are thigh length, she gets dress coded and a lunch detention. Honestly, I find it unfair, we have learned that if we wear something ‘girly’ we get commented on how ungodly it is, but if we wear a baggy outfit we dress too much like a guy. 

Dress codes are for our benefit and teachers benefits, though, some teachers take it way too far, in my opinion. They’ll call someone out in class just to tell them to cover up, we find it embarrassing. Most times now if someone gets dress-coded they kind of protest, by wearing something similar the next day and argue about it. 

I come from a school that had a low dress code policy and it wasn’t bad, boys and girls knew what they could and couldn’t wear. There weren't arguments about it, or assemblies, we students have common sense, we know we can’t wear a bikini top to school or swim trunks to school, we as a whole know we all have out of school clothes and in school clothes.

Today fashion is to show a bit of stomach with crop tops, loose and tight. Or to show a bit of thighs with ripped jeans and sports/jean shorts, most everyone shops for nice looking clothes before school but when we come to school we can’t wear half of that without having to put a hoodie over it or to cover up. We try to find the most trendy outfits but with our own tastes, it's known that we dress to impress and we dress based on our personalities and our likes. If that means very trendy outfits we should be allowed to wear it. For boys and girls. So, should there be dress codes at school? But be more lenient about it?

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  • Good topic choice Erica! Your summary is pretty good but I would like to see youi educate on the history of dress codes and what HCHS's dress code actually is. Also be sure to comment more frequently as well.

  • I think there should be a dress code but it needs to be less strict. The current dress codes basically doesn't even let girls wear crops tops or anything in style. But guys do have more freedom to dress code policies. But I think the dress code should be fair and people can wear what they want to wear but to a certain extent

  • I think we should have a dress code in schools. I think that dress codes are enforced more on girls than boys. I think this could be because there are more types of clothes for girls that may go against school dress code rules. However, I don't think dress codes should prevent students from expressing themselves as long as it is reasonable. 

  • Yes, I think schools should have dress codes. But I think they need to update a few rules on them. I think its dumb that girls arnt aloud to wear tank tops but boys are. Its also dumb that we cant wear hat. I get how in someways that can be disrespectful but I dont think students take it that way. But letting people wear dog collars and cat ears/tail is even more distracting then a hat. 

  • Yes, like you said though the school should be more lenient about it. We should be able to express ourselves through our clothes. Now that doesn't nessicerily mean dressing like a stripper but wearing things that are both appropriate and trendy.

  • I think that there should definitely be a dress code. However, I think that they could possibly reduce how strict the code is. I believe that students should have the right to be able to dress however they want as long as it's not inappropriate.

  • I feel like the school dress code may be necessary for just like really major points. But I do feel like the schools should maybe cut back a little bit more on the dress code.

  • Personally, I agree that the dress code should be more lenient. By limiting students' options for clothes they can wear, it limits the amount of creativity or expression that they can have. Even though I do believe these things, I still believe that there should be dress codes at school. Certain students could be immature about having too much freedom and choose an outfit inappropriate for school. All in all, people should be able to choose what they want to wear as long as it isn't inappropriate.

  • I think that schools should have a school dress code to a certain point. Like Harlan has it has to be a 2-inch strap around the shoulder for a tank top, I don't agree with that. I do think that schools do have too strict of rules on the dress code. People to have the right to wear what they want.

  • I think that there should be some what of a dress code. Some schools are very strict on the dress codes and need to let off of it a bit. I think that schools should apply some type of dress code like if every part of skin is showing on the body. no one wants to see that around school.

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