Should School Be Online?

Going to school has been one of the biggest complaints from teens and children for decades. There have been so many arguments to try and compromise for their wants. Starting school later, having shorter days, and even having a shorter school year. Granted these could be put into action, but would it be easier to just have an online course?

Going chronically online has many pros and cons. Some advantages to this would be, being able to go at your own pace. Many students struggle to keep up with some of the students in class, but if they weren’t to be compared to other students, many would feel more comfortable and open with their own school work. A lot of students can’t keep up with the teacher. Everybody learns differently and at their own pace, so being able to control how much you do could also be good, obviously requirements would still have to be met. A disadvantage would be that, with an online course, there is no emotion put in with the grading. No later deadlines, everything must be done on time, and there would be no partial credit.

I personally wouldn’t want to go online. Many would argue that you get more sleep, and would have better learning opportunities being able to take your time, but I like socializing. I prefer having a connection with my teachers and peers. 


Would you want to go to school online?

What would your biggest complaint be?

Do you think it would be worth it?

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  • I dont think school should be online. When we were online during covid many kids didnt do any of the work and didnt go onto the calls. If they would go on them they would usually play video games or watch tv. Theres also nothing the teachers can do to make them do there school work.

  • I think that school should not be online because that would hurt many kids futures. When we went online during covid I went to some classes and just played videogames during them, and ultimately just stopped going to classes after a little while. I think that kids wouldn't listen at all during the classes.

  • I personally would not want school online. When I got Covid I had to do school online and my grades went to shit. I think you don't get the attention from teachers that you need. I don't think school would be worth it if we did it online. 

  • I don't think it's worth it because there would be people that would not do the online learning because there are people that care less to go to school. In my mind it would be more beninficl to come to the school because there would be to many people that would procrastinate.

  • No, I would not like to go to school online because I feel like it would be much more challenging for me. I would procrastinate too much, and I would also not be able to get help right away from a teacher. My biggest complaint would be not being able to talk to a teacher right away if I don't know what I am doing.

  • I personally would not like to go to school online for several reasons. For instance, I think it's harder to learn online than in person because you can't easily access help. I also feel like I would be easily distracted when I would be doing my classwork from home. My biggest complaint would be not receiving immediate help if I don't understand something. 

  • I personally would not like school to be online. I think school is a good way to make friends and be social. Being thought by a computer not a teacher would definitely be something different to adapt to.

    • I agree with you, and not many people like change, and this would be a big one, not many people would like it, simply because it changes up your whole day, and you don't get to talk to other people.

  • I don't think school should be online. School is the main way kids make friends because they see other poeple at school. I think it would be easier and more effective to learn from a teacher than a computer. My biggest complaint would not being able to see friends.

    • I agree with you, friends are who's there for you and who supports you. It's so so so important for kids to be able to talk to people and make friends.

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