Should School Be Online?

Going to school has been one of the biggest complaints from teens and children for decades. There have been so many arguments to try and compromise for their wants. Starting school later, having shorter days, and even having a shorter school year. Granted these could be put into action, but would it be easier to just have an online course?

Going chronically online has many pros and cons. Some advantages to this would be, being able to go at your own pace. Many students struggle to keep up with some of the students in class, but if they weren’t to be compared to other students, many would feel more comfortable and open with their own school work. A lot of students can’t keep up with the teacher. Everybody learns differently and at their own pace, so being able to control how much you do could also be good, obviously requirements would still have to be met. A disadvantage would be that, with an online course, there is no emotion put in with the grading. No later deadlines, everything must be done on time, and there would be no partial credit.

I personally wouldn’t want to go online. Many would argue that you get more sleep, and would have better learning opportunities being able to take your time, but I like socializing. I prefer having a connection with my teachers and peers. 


Would you want to go to school online?

What would your biggest complaint be?

Do you think it would be worth it?

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  • Honestly personally I loved online school it was fun and fast and I didn’t have to sit there and listen to the lesson when I knew what was going on what was hard was understanding emails that I got from teachers there are pros and cons I think I wish I was online.

  • I do not think school should be online becuase it is useless and it is to much money and not enough social skills are used to interact over the internet compared to in person. I think somes kids wouldnt midn having online class so they can stay home and relax.

  • I would not want to go to school online, and I do not think it would be beneficial to students. Personally, I learn better in person and hands on, and I do not think online school could provide that. I think it would be easier for kids to get distracted in online school too.

  • I think going online with school would save a lot of time and replace schools around the country. I do think it should be an option whether to go to school in person or online. I personally think online school would be very good and more efficient than regular school but should be taken away if abused.

  • I do not think that school online is beneficial at all. I think that people learn much better in person. The kids that learn online from home can procrastinate and be distracted easily. Overall, I think it is much better to learn in person and it is much more like the real world.

  • Personally, I would go to school online. I think that being able to travel while not getting behind on school sounds great. I feel like there are benefits to online school like if you are an actress or have another important job to do that takes up your day. Online school is very flexible, which is one of the best things about it. 

  • I think school should not be online. It would give less interaction with other people and give us less chances to make new friends. My biggest complaint would be i wouldn't be able to cook in foods with my friends. Or be active with my friends in PE. I think ikt would not be worth it if we switch to online. Plus not everyone has wi-fi at home.

  • I personally think that we should not go online. I think that if we go online lot of people won't be doing it. And then we will be on a computer for a very long time. Plus I think that it is easier to do stuff in school and not online school.  

  • I would love to go online but at the same time i wouldnt want to. I think the biggest complaint would be that there computer isnt working or their internet isnt working. I think a lot of kids would love to do this. Many kids do not like to go to school because its not fun.

  • I personally would not want to go online. It just isn't logical. If students had a choice to do their work at home, they wouldn't end up doing it. Going to school gives them a reason to participate and engage in school work and actually get it done. Students may get annoyed with teachers bothering them about their grades but they have to understand that the teachers are just trying to help them succeed in school and have a good future.

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