Should Photoshop be banned?

Photoshop is an app that can alter photos so that you can make them look just how you want them to. Most advertisements and influencers usually use photoshop to make their pictures look even better in hopes that it will bring them more customers or followers. Unfortunately, sometimes this has a negative impact on people, so should photoshop be banned?


Photoshop is used to make any imperfections in your picture perfect. But then that altered photo is passed off as the real thing without many people even noticing. For example, if a company photoshops the model to have smoother skin, it might make someone feel insecure about themselves. About 99.9% of photos seen online have been photoshopped in some way. That means that most of these pictures are not the real copy, and there are more perfect photos that people might compare themselves to. 


Although photoshop can have a negative effect on people, it can also be positive. It allows artists to be more creative. Photoshop isn’t always used to create unrealistic standards, many times it is used to make a more unique design. This can bring joy to artists and might even bring in more customers for businesses.  Without Photoshop, it would be more difficult to make a beautiful, unique picture. Sometimes it can be used as a tool for an artist or photographer. 


Photoshop can be both good and bad. I think it's good that it can make images more creative and beautiful, but I don’t think it's necessary to alter the way people look. Photoshop is just an app and it's the person using it that can cast it in a negative or positive light. I also hope people realize that not every picture they see is real, I think that could help too. 


Have you ever used photoshop? 


Do you think it should be banned? 



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  • Good topic choice and good summary Lindsey! I do think you could have replied a few more times.

  • No, I do not think that it should be banned. I do not think that it does anything wrong. Personally, it does not bother me any. I do not know how to use it though. I have also never seen anyone use it. I feel like it would be a good thing to be able to know how to use.

  • I think it really can go both ways. I can see why it is slightly harmful in a way but it is nothing illegal or anything that should be restricted. I think that it would really take away some freedoms because people can do what they wat, I don't think it's that big of a deal.

  • In my personal opinion, I do not think that Photoshop should be banned. Although there are people that could use it in a negative or harmful way, the same could be said for literally everything people use in a day to day basis. The difference is Photoshop can be used to create good things. I personally have never used Photoshop.

  • in my opinion I think photoshop should be banned because people that are good at photoshopping can get away with a lot of things such as anything. I could care less if it gets banned but it should.

  • I have used photoshop before when I help my mom who has a side business of taking pictures for people. It's a pretty useful tool, and it's actually kinda fun to use. However, I think that it could most definetly be used to do harm. I do not think that it should be banned, but I think people should be catious as to what they believe when looking at a picture.

  • I don't think that photoshop should be banned. Yes, people often do things that they shouldn't with the incredible technology today, however, I don't really think we can stop people from performing these actions anyway.

  • I personally believe that it should not be banned because it is not really hurting anybody and I think that the main use for it is for photos on instagram or something like that just to fix something up but yeah I think it should not be banned.

  • I have never used photoshop. Also I think photoshop shouldn't be banned. I agree it can be used for bad reasons like making yourself better. But I think if you use it for just removing people from photos and some items from photos is fine.

  • I have used photoshop once. I think it shouldn't be banned because it is not hurting anything. I think some people use it for thing like to make them look better or stuff like that. I believe they should do that but that is up to them.

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