Should passing periods be longer?

Should passing periods be longer? Currently, in Harlan schools the passing periods are 3 minutes long, is that enough? Many kids are late to class due to only having 3 minutes to get to their next class and use the bathroom. Many students abuse passing periods by skipping in the bathrooms and then wanting to be excused. I agree with teachers that if students are going to the bathroom every period they shouldn't have the privilege of longer passing periods.


The kids that responsibly use the bathrooms and don't use it every period should have the privilege of more extended passing periods. But students that are constantly tardy because they don't have enough time shouldn't have consequences. I think passing periods should be 5 minutes long because students usually pack up and get ready about 2 minutes before class ends.


I personally think that passing periods should be longer, it is definitely a good discussion.


How long do you think the passing periods should be?


Are 3 minutes enough for a passing period?

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  • The topic has been done before and I would like to see your summary a bit longer. Also be sure to reply back more frequently. Posted late.

  • I think that passing periods need to be lengthened by atleast 1 minute to make it a 4 minute passing period. Since some people have classes on the opposite side of the school it may take that long just to get there and it definitely doesn't give you enough time to go to the bathroom.

  • I think that we should have more than 3 minutes in between classes. 3 minutes does not give students enough time to go to the bathroom, fill up their water, or talk to anyone.  Teachers get mad when students ask to go to the bathroom during class and they say to go during passing periods, but we don't have enough time. I think it should be at least 4-5 minutes.

  • I think we should have 5-minute passing periods and just slightly shorter class time. This would be enough time to go to and use the nearest water fountain and restroom. If our school was any bigger, I think we would already have 5-minute passing periods. However, our school is small enough to barely make it in 3 minutes.

  • I think the amount of time we have between classes should be increased and that 3 minutes is not enough time. 3 minutes does not give students enough time to get from one class to the next and use the bathroom if needed. I think they should be at least 4 minutes long.

  • I think that passing periods should be 3 minutes. 3 minutes is plenty for getting to class, especially in this small of a school. If our school was much larger, then I would say that we should have 5 minutes for passing periods.But since the school is this small, 3 minutes is plenty. 

  • I think that passing periods are a perfect length to get from class to class but nothing else. That is the time to use the restroom or fill your water bottles but we can't because we will be late. I think that is the only reason why passing periods should be longer. 

  • I think passing periods should be 5 minutes. Sometimes kids need to use the restroom before class because they didn't have another chance before that and teachers end up getting mad at them. 5 minutes would be a good amount of time for students to use the restroom, fill there water bottles, and get to their next class on time.

  • I think that we should have at least 5 minutes between passing periods because sometimes people have to walk across the school to get to their next class and most people use the restroom before their next class.

  • I think 4 minutes is a solid comprimise between the people who want 5 minutes and the people who want 3 minutes. The extra minute should be enough time for people to walk across the school, go to the bathroom or fill up a large waterbottle.

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