Should nap time be allowed in school? Students need a certain amount of sleep every day. According to the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says that teens need 8 - 10 hours of sleep every 24 hours. And that 7 - 10 students don't get the daily amount of sleep that they need. With the lack of sleep, many health problems could happen like obesity, poor mental health, and diabetes.

Why should students get a nap time or have a certain time to sleep, some students have jobs after school or an after-school activity. So when they get back home they still need to do chores and homework. This could make them do homework at night making them lose sleep. this could cause them to fall asleep in class making them fall behind.


What would be the benefits of nap time? the benefits would be that the students can have the recommended amount of sleep. Giving them the energy to focus in class or have enough energy to do sports or after-school activities. This could boost perforces at games or concerts. this enough could give the school a better reputation, by this, the average morale and grades would go up.


 1.)what time would you want nap time to be in?


2.) what would be used as beds or would it be on the floor, or would students bring their own stuff? 


3.) would teachers use nap time too?




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  • Good topic choice and summary Bartolo! Two issues-It was tweo days late and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think nap time should be allowed to those who have good grades and have a study hall they could sleep in. otherwise they should have to stay awake for the day and listen to their classes so that their grades don't fall significantly. Teachers coud probably nap during their lunch or planning hour.

  • I think that for people who have a lot of after school activitys but for someone who has a lot of homework they could be using the time to study and get stuff done instead. I dont think that teachers would want to lay on the grund in the middle of the day for a certain amount of time.

  • I would want nap time to be right after lunch because that's when I usually get sleepy. Students would sleep heads down on their desks. Teachers would use this time to get caught up grading papers/homework and focusing on their classes.

  • I would want a nap right after lunch. Teachers are getting paid to be there and do their job so I do not think that they should have nap time. That is like just having your parents sleep at their job. I think students should bring their own blankets and pillows and then just keep them in their locker.

  • I don’t think that in school anytime should be set aside specifically for napping. However, I think if a student wishes to then in their own study hall they should feel free to nap. I think if a student is repeatedly feeling exhausted at school then their own sleep schedule may need to change. 


  • I don't think we should have nap time in high school, but I feel like the teachers could make a compromise. If the class is a study hall, or the student finishes all of their work, then I think that they should be able to take a nap. I also think that it is the students fault if they are tired because they did not go to bed at night.

  • In my opinion there should not be nap time  during school even though i get to school tired sometimes but i feel like there should not be nap times becuse i feel like its not okay

  • I think that there should be naps because there is alot of students that come to school that are tired. If there was nap time in school there would only be certain classes that would have nap time for the people that are tired.

  • I think we should have nap time around after lunchtime, a lot of students get tired after lunch and end up falling asleep during class. I feel like nap time would benefit the teachers because students would be energized for the rest of the school day and they would pay more attention during class. I'm not sure how the nap time would work bed-wise but I'm sure students would be up for bringing their own stuff to school.

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