Should Nanny Cams be Legal?

Nanny cams are security cameras that parents set up in the house so they can watch their nannies/babysitters while they are on the job. The morality of them has become a widely debated topic. Some people think they have the right to see what's going on inside their homes, while others feel it is a breach of privacy if they are recording without the babysitters consent. As of now, it is legal to take a video of what is happening  in your house. However, the camera has to be in public places like the kitchen or living room, not bathrooms or bedrooms. On the other hand, in several states it is illegal to take an audio recording of someone without their consent. For this reason many nanny cams do not record audio. If abuse/neglect was caught through the audio recordings it would be inadmissable in court and the owner of the recording would be charged for breaking privacy laws. 

There are many pros to nanny cams, especially if you are the parents. They offer peace of mind, they monitor the child's safety, and it allows the parents to be more connected. If they hired a new nanny or babysitter, it would be hard to leave them with a stanger and not know if they are safe. These cameras allow them to see what is going on, and assure their child's safety. Also, many parents who are at work all day could miss major milestones made by their kids. A nanny cam allows them to watch their kids and not miss out on special moments in their development.

There are also many cons to having nanny cams. The cameras could make the babysitter feel unsafe, it could be misleading, and the parents could also be breaking the law. If I was a babysitter and I found a hidden camera in the house, I would feel very unsafe and like my privacy has been violated. The cameras could also be misleading because if there are 2 children and 1 is crying and the babysitter is with the other, it would seem as if the didn't care and wasn't paying attention to the crying child. The parents could also be breaking the law if they are taking audio recordings and they aren't aware, which would defeat the purpose of the cameras. 

Do you think nanny cams should be legal?

Have you ever found cameras in the house you were babysitting in?

Should babysitters have to consent to nanny cams?

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  • Great topci choice(+5) and great summary Kami! Be sure to keep replying to student comments.

  • I think that there is nothing wrong with the parents wanting to set up cameras when leaving there child alone. But I do think that if you cannot trust the person you are leaving your child with, you probably should not be leaving your child with that person.

  • I feel like if you have no trust in ur baby sitter you should than have cameras set up, I have only baby sat one time and there was no cameras, The only time I think you should have cameras is if its their first time.

  • I think that this could go both ways as some parents would definetely want the cameras but, they should let the babystitter know in advance that there is one. I haven't ever found a camera where I have babysat. I think that babysitters should consent to nanny cams.

  • I think if you can not trust the person you hired to take care of your kids, you shouldnd't have hired them. I think it should be left up to the parent, with an opinion from the babysitter, if a nanny camera would be neccesary in that house.

  • I really have no opinion. I think it should be left for the parents to decide if they feel comfortable or not. I think that if the babysitter doesn't want to be recorded they should go somewhere else.

  • To be compeletly honest I really do not care. I think its funny that people wouldn't trust people that they literally hire. Nanny cams are a joke. Who would want to work with someone that literally stalks you and makes you feel unsafe. I think nanny cams should be legal.

  • I think that nanny cams should not be legal, because if the nanny or babysitter finds one they could become very uncomfortable and get unsafe. If you do not trust your nanny you should get a new one so that you're not invading privacy and you don't have to worry about the safety of your home and kids.

  • I think nanny cams should be legal because they may be necessary. In a small town everybody knows eachother, and I think parents should be able to trust the person they choose to babysit. If I was babysitting with a nanny cam, I think I would feel kind of weird. Not that I am doing anything wrong, but maybe that I cannot be trusted.

  • I think they should be legal but only with consent from the babysitter. If you have the consent from the babysitter it is not breaking any privacy and it is a good way to keep a watch if you are worried. There should defenitely be more restrictions on nanny cams.

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