Should Medical School cost less?



$250,000 to $331,000 in total and $25,000 to $55,000 in tuition! How much are you willing to pay for an education in your desired future pathway? Medical schools are one of the steps in medical education needed to become an anesthesiologist, physician, or surgeon. There are many people in the world with a passion for helping those who need medical attention however they can not afford to pay for medical school. Many people struggle to pay their debt off. In fact, many have to work to pay it off after they graduate, not to mention that there is a shortage of medical assistance in hospitals across the world. 


Medical Schools have become more expensive over the years due to an expansion in learning. Universities have become more complex with the materials and technologies being used to teach. Savvy Pre-med stated that “it’s very expensive to train a doctor in the U.S., and it’s only getting more expensive as the field and its technology evolve” Ryan Kelly, 2019.


Debt is often associated with medical school. explains that 80% of all medical students are in debt. Before medical school, students must take 4 years in an undergraduate/college degree, before proceeding onto medical school. This alone may leave some people in debt. This along with medical school costs can be a lot for people to handle. Most students have $70,000 to $120,000 worth of debt after they graduate. 


America and many other nations around the world are running on a shortage of healthcare professionals. This is all the more reason to encourage people to join pre-med and medical schools. Many people are turned away from the career path when they see how much money it takes to follow the steps. Making medical schools more affordable would be a great way to help draw in more able-bodied people and medically interested people.


I think that the costs of medical school should be dropped. I understand the technology and tuition needed to pay for the materials, the amount of debt owed by our future doctors, and how badly our world needs more care providers, but medical professionals are highly valued and respected persons that our country and the rest of the world need more of. 

What do you think?


Why do you think Medical School costs so much?


Should the cost of Medical School be lowered?


What should the new total cost for Medical School be?


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  • Great topic choice and super job Grant! You got up early!

  • I do think that medical school costs should be lowered. I think they should be lowered because a lot of health care workers are underpaid. Even though most are paid a good amount, some are severly underpaid and can put them in more debt. Over all, the cost should be lowered by at least a quarter of what it is now, depending on what you go to college for.

    • I don't agree. I think that medical schools should be lowered because $70,000 of annual debt is not fun to deal with. It is super hard to make money in medical school, much less make enough to pay it off altogether. I would like to see global medical school prices at $150,000 per year, as of right now many schools are struggling to decrease their prices.

  • I think that medical school should cost less. We really need more medical staff and with fewer college costs maybe more people would study something in the medicine field. I'm aware that maybe they will earn a lot of money once they have graduated and start working. But medical school needs to get paid before. 

  • I do not think the price should be lowered. If you want to work and make good money you will have to pay for it.  People who have average jobs have to pay for their schooling. Even if their schooling is less, they are making less money. If the cost was lowered everbody would choose to be in medical school. It is obvious, who would choose to make less money when they can make much more money and go to school for the same cost.

  • I think medical schools should cost way less because of the fact they are very expensive to do and the amount of debt you can have. I think medical schools cost so much is becuase of how much technology and materials is needed. Of course the schools need a lot of money, but a posible new total cost for medical schools should be like 20 thousand dollars less from how much it costs.

  • I think that medical school costs so much because when you get a medical-related job you can earn a lot of money. I do think that medical school does costs too much because you are still a college student and don't work a full time job.

    • I agree. but I think that medical school costs so much because of the material used to teach the students. The large machinery and books used to help teach the students are expensive enough for the schools, I don't think that schools necessarily think of the money that the doctors will make later in life thought.

  • I think medical school costs should be way lowered. There is currently a shortage of doctors and nurses, and I believe part of the problem is that people can not afford to go through medical school. I think that medical school costs so much because it is a long and complex process, but it should at least be lowered a little bit.

  • I think it is because it's regarded as the most respected profession and being anything in the medical field usually means that it is higher paying than most. So most doctors and surgeons are able to payback all of their student loans. If it is a problem for all/most of medical students than maybe then they should lower it. 

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