Should Halloween be permanently moved to Saturday?

Something that is commonly asked and an idea that is frequently mentioned, is the idea of changing the date of Halloween to the permanent Saturday. There are several different opinions on this idea and many pros and cons are both argued. Some people think that it is safer for children to go trick-or-treating on a Saturday because according to there was “A study found an 83% increase in fatal crashes involving children and a 55% increase in pedestrian fatal crashes when Halloween falls on a weeknight.” Contrary to this study, others just personally believe that there are always more people on the streets driving in the dark and potentially driving under the influence. 

Another pro that is argued is the fact that this creates less stress on parents because it isn't a school night and overall makes Halloween more enjoyable. This is because you don’t have to stress about getting home and done with all your celebrations in enough time to sleep well for the next day at school. With it being on a weekend and not having to worry about school, this causes better academic performance for that week. If kids are more worried about their plans and games, then we may lose the attention of many students.  

Like it is stated above, it overall gives students and people more time in general. But, with more time sometimes leads to more time for kids to get in trouble or find themselves in dangerous situations. The last argument that I will mention is the fact that it just changes history and the original meaning. Some believe it's not worth changing history for. 

Overall I really don’t celebrate Halloween but if I did, I know I would want it to be on Saturday just for school reasons. I do not think that changing it to the permanent Saturday would mess up history and origins that much and I think it will have more of a positive impact then it would negative. I think the idea isn’t out of the ordinary and I could see in the future parents pushing for the change. 

Do you think we should change haloween to a saturday?

Would it mess up history if it was changed?

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  • Good topic choice and well done overall Grace! Got third place!

  • I personally believe that we should just keep it how we have it right now. it is not really going to change anything if we move it to a saturday. it is also a tradition for halloween to be on the last day of october so in the end I think it does not really matter.

    • I agree that it is tradition, but it would help kids be able to enjoy the holiday more.

  • I think Halloween should always be Saturday. Parents wouldn't have to worry about getting up early the next morning to get ready for work.  Kids would also not have to worry about going to school the next morning so they could stay out later on Halloween night. I don't think it would mess with history.

    • I agree that kids wouldnt have to worry about going to school the next morning.

  • I do not think that it should be changed to a Saturday. Halloween has been on Oct. 31 for a long time and thats the day that it is always set on. There isn't really a point in changing it because its a tradition that goes on every year at the same time. 

    • I understand that it has been on the same day every year, but that doesnt make a difference when it comes to kids learning.

  • No, I don't think that we should change it because the date of it would be different every year not always on the last day in October. Yes, it would because then it's never the same time of the year as it normally would be. So it should stay the same time every year. 

    • I dissagree with you, but I understand why you think that.

  • I personally don't think that Halloween should be permanently changed to a Saturday, because the tradition of this holiday has always been on October 31st. So if you permanently changed the day it falls on to a Saturday instead, it wouldn't feel like Halloween in my opinion. 

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