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The history of friendships what is the meaning of a true friend? When we were kids we would talk to each other all the time but yet again there were bullies and because of that we became rude and mean to each other we split into groups. There were the jocks the boys or girls that played it ruff and didn’t care if an outsider wanted to join in and play the games. The popular kids were the ones who didn’t have to try to get someone's attention. The wanna-be girls or boys. These kids wanted to be a part of the cool groups. The bullies were the kids who bullied others because of the way they looked, what they wore, what they liked, who their parents were, and who they were. Then there were the loners or the quiet kids. If you weren’t a part of one of these groups or didn’t have a friend in one you weren't part of the cool crowd you weren’t known. If you were bullied, or the bad kid everyone would say things about you. 


The jocks came about in 1952 its short for jockstrap. It means the “supporter of the male genital organs,” or in most places an athletic man. A jockette in 1948 was a female originally a female disk jockey.  The popular kids were always based on their social status and whether or not they were good-looking. It was also whether or not you kept up with trends. The wannabes are the kids who want it and want all of the social status. 



Why do you think that we do this? 

What do you think our world will come to because of this?





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  • I think that at some point most kids try to end up being really popualr or well known in highschool. I think that people need to not worry about how popular they are and just carry on with their lives. I think that people are way too attention seeking these days.

  • I think at one point in high school everyone wants to be more popular or the most popular. I believe that some people just need to accept that because there not the most popular they don't need to let the whole school know. I think that our world has come to this because people lose the lack of attention and that's all they want. 

  • I am not sure why we do this or how it happens but I think that it is not very nice. Our world has been this way for quite a while and it has been okay. I am not condoning any of it but sometimes people go through hard things and that helps the get through the harder parts of their life.

  • I think people may see accepatnce within a certain group as a way to validate themselve and determine their worth. This somewhat explains why people bully becuase it can take attention away from themselves by directing it to others. I don't think this will hugely effect the world because kids tend to mature and it's not seen nearly as much with adults. 

  • Interest and personality I think those are the reasons this happens I think ethnicity and sports and teams all take place and separate friends. I think it won't affect much of the world if we are separated but I do think that communication with other people is good.

  • I think that we do that because as everyone grows up and people live and learn, people are separated into different clicks or groups. People find out who they really are and that determines the type of friends they make and what they do with the rest of their lives. 

  • I thnk that we do because everyone is getting older and splitting into seprate people. I think that we need to have more communication to everyone on every platform like at concerts and maybe even on social media.

  • I think we all do that based on our interests, for example, I don't think a shy and lonely person likes to be among extroverted athletes. I don't think anything bad will happen, yes, we formed a type of "division" but I don't think this will cause serious damage in the future, it seems that we will always do it.

  • I think that we create social status because people in the higher social status want to feel better about themselves than the people in the lower social status. I don't think this is very nice or right because not one person is "better" than another person.

  • I think often times we split into groups as we get older because we find people with similar interests, personalities, and activites. I don't always understand the bullying aspect of friendship, mostly beacuse I find it mean and unnecessary. I think within our school we have all become more accepting of each other and friendly to different groups. 

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