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The history of friendships what is the meaning of a true friend? When we were kids we would talk to each other all the time but yet again there were bullies and because of that we became rude and mean to each other we split into groups. There were the jocks the boys or girls that played it ruff and didn’t care if an outsider wanted to join in and play the games. The popular kids were the ones who didn’t have to try to get someone's attention. The wanna-be girls or boys. These kids wanted to be a part of the cool groups. The bullies were the kids who bullied others because of the way they looked, what they wore, what they liked, who their parents were, and who they were. Then there were the loners or the quiet kids. If you weren’t a part of one of these groups or didn’t have a friend in one you weren't part of the cool crowd you weren’t known. If you were bullied, or the bad kid everyone would say things about you. 


The jocks came about in 1952 its short for jockstrap. It means the “supporter of the male genital organs,” or in most places an athletic man. A jockette in 1948 was a female originally a female disk jockey.  The popular kids were always based on their social status and whether or not they were good-looking. It was also whether or not you kept up with trends. The wannabes are the kids who want it and want all of the social status. 



Why do you think that we do this? 

What do you think our world will come to because of this?





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  • Tiffany, 

    This is not a history of topic. I wish you would have done one of your orignal ideas. This was posted over a week late and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I personally think that the stereotype of people having the so called "popularity contest" for such a long time in so many different factors is a big reason why we can't stop it. I think no matter what happens in every aspect, people will have a way of separating the two.

  • I think that we do this because we want to be surrounded by people who are like us. I think that a lot of people are being bullied and left out. I try to help as much as I can when talking to new people. I think this can be a problem for a lot of people when trying to make friends at a new school or job.

  • I think we automatically want to and create groups of people that have similarites. Our brains want organization and categories to place people to know what they like and how they act. Many groups are still diverse and many people have other friend groups, and I think that the world won't change much because it has always been like this.

  • I think our brains caused about weird things and they are wired. Our world won't really changed because of this.

  • I think we do this because it is better to fit in then to fit out. Fitting in gives us more friends and less interactions where you are being made fun of for things you like. I think that the world will eventually be so fake because no one will be honest and everyone would be putting on a show.

  • I think our brains just cause us to act like this for lots of weird reasons. I dont think our world will change to much because of this, but there will always be certain groups of people, and people that may br in certain groups because of the way they act.

  • I believe we act like this because of our genetics and the ways our brains are wired. I feel like our world will keep changing all the time because of the way we act. I feel like there will always be different friend groups, but the type of groups might change.

  • I think that people do this because they think they are better than everyone else or you are just well known by a lot of people. i think that if people do this it would cause lots of drama from everyone and they might become a little selfish too. 

  • I think that people try to be popular because when you're popular you are typically known by everyone and have a big friend group. I think that if people always strive to be popular it won't go well and people will start to think less of themselves.

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