Pancakes V.S. Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are the classic breakfast food. Some people say one is better than the other. Some say they are the same, waffles just have divots. What's the difference? Why is there a big debate about the two breakfasts? 


Pancakes are a very well known breakfast food. Pancakes are healthier by 18 calories, plain. Pancakes are fluffy, warm, and soft. People say that pancakes are better because they are soft and way easier to eat. Waffles are hard to eat. Also the syrup doesn’t get stuck in divots like waffles do. They also go well with almost every other breakfast food. Pancakes are very easy to make. From scratch and from a box. Pancakes are also known to go with any meal. 


Waffle lovers think they are better because they are crispy and taste better. They have very toppings and never get soggy. Waffles are savory and sweet. Waffles can also come in different flavors such as banana and chocolate. Waffles go together with most everything. They can vary from cream cheese and strawberries to fried chicken. Waffles can also be eaten at every meal.


Personally I think waffles are better because the divots in them could be very useful like for holding syrup. Also fried chicken goes very well with waffles, way better then with pancakes. 

Do you think waffles or pancakes are better?

Whats your favorite combo with them?,they%20are%20easy%20to%20reheat.,eighth%2Dgrade%20social%20studies%20teacher.

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  • I'm not looking for these types of stories--this or that. This was posted late and you replied once to student comments.

  • I do not really like either more than the other. If I had to choose I'd propbaby choose waffles because I think that they stay warmer longer. That might just be an opinoin but I personally hate it when my food gets cold and I think that waffles stay warmer longer but pancakes just get cold very quickly.

  • I think waffles are better because they have more structure to them and don't get soggy when you put syrup on top.

  • It all comes down to the quality. I would rather have bad waffles over bad pancakes, but I would rather have good pancakes over good waffles. When I eat pancakes I put peanut butter on top, as well as slices of banana. In the end I like and would eat both food options.

  • I like pancakes better than waffles because I like the flavor better. I also believe that waffle pans always burn the waffles too much, or they're too soggy. I think that the texture is always hard to acheive in waffles, pancakes are just the easier way out and they taste better.

  • I think that waffles are better just because they hold the syrup that I put on them better. For pancakes, the syrup and butter kind of slides of but on waffles they hold and don't get soggy as fast. Pancakes are more flavorful though and are easier to make than I waffle so I can see why people like them more.

  • I think waffles are better because I like how waffles can be toasty and crunchy. I like to put whipped cream on my waffles along with chocolate chips in each square with mine.

  • I personally think pankcakes are better because of how you can spread whatever you like on it easier then pancakes. I sometimes like to put chocolate chips in my pancakes with butter on top.

  • This is such a tough topic. I love pancakes because they are so smooth and the flavor is better. But I love waffels because I like to put peanut butter in each square and then fill up each square with syrup one by one. But if I had to choose, I gotta go with pancakes!

  • In my opinion, I like pancakes better. I like pancakes better because they have better flavor and are easier to spread butter on. In waffles the divots hold the surup and make the waffles soggy, on a pancake you do not have to worry about it. Also, pancakes are easier to make.

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