Pancakes V.S. Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are the classic breakfast food. Some people say one is better than the other. Some say they are the same, waffles just have divots. What's the difference? Why is there a big debate about the two breakfasts? 


Pancakes are a very well known breakfast food. Pancakes are healthier by 18 calories, plain. Pancakes are fluffy, warm, and soft. People say that pancakes are better because they are soft and way easier to eat. Waffles are hard to eat. Also the syrup doesn’t get stuck in divots like waffles do. They also go well with almost every other breakfast food. Pancakes are very easy to make. From scratch and from a box. Pancakes are also known to go with any meal. 


Waffle lovers think they are better because they are crispy and taste better. They have very toppings and never get soggy. Waffles are savory and sweet. Waffles can also come in different flavors such as banana and chocolate. Waffles go together with most everything. They can vary from cream cheese and strawberries to fried chicken. Waffles can also be eaten at every meal.


Personally I think waffles are better because the divots in them could be very useful like for holding syrup. Also fried chicken goes very well with waffles, way better then with pancakes. 

Do you think waffles or pancakes are better?

Whats your favorite combo with them?,they%20are%20easy%20to%20reheat.,eighth%2Dgrade%20social%20studies%20teacher.

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  • I prefer waffels are better, I don't know why they are better I have just always liked them more than pancakes. My favorite combo with waffels is probaly chocholate chips inside of the waffel and then syrup on top of that for more flavore.

  • I think pancakes are better because you can spread everything out on top of them, and it doesn't puddle up in the holes like it does in waffels. My favorite combination with pancakes is probably whipcream, strawberries, and lemmon juice. But also sometimes I like them with just chocolate chips. 

  • I personally like waffles better, they tend to hold the toppings that you put onto them. I like to put banana foster onto my waffles. Although it is a sticky mess, it tastes great! Somedays though, I just like to eat plane old waffles, which are also tasty, 

  • I personally think that pancakes and waffles are basically the same thing and taste the same in my opinion. But if I had to choose between the two I would have to choose waffles. I like to put syrup and peanut butter on my waffles and the same for pancakes. 

  • I personally, am more of a pancake person. I never have been a huge waffle guy, but I do enjoy them every now and then. But making pancakes really well can be hard to do, so if you perfect it, it's kind of like a goal to set. Especially cold syrup, it tastes amazing. 

  • If I had to choose between waffles or pancakes, I would choose pancakes. I think pancakes have a better texture and are easier to make. I also think pancakes taste better, although I don’t think there's much of a difference between how waffles and pancakes taste.

  • I like waffles better than pancakes, but I will eat pancakes. I usually only put syrup on my waffles and pancakes. I think that pancakes get very soggy really easily and waffles are usually more crunchy and less likely to get soggy. I have had peanut butter and blueberry waffles and I thought they were pretty good. 

  • I like pancakes better than waffles, with making them I think that it's harder to make waffles. If you make waffle you need the maker, but with pancakes you can use any pan that you have. My favorite combo is pancakes is bananas with chocolate chips and peanut butter on top.

  • I like both waffles and pancakes, but I prefer pancakes. I can see both sides of the debate and why others might prefer waffles. I've just grown up eating a lot more pancakes than waffles and started to prefer pankcakes over waffles.

  • I like both waffles and pancakes. However, I would prefer pancakes for breakfast and waffles for some other time during the day. My favorite combination is a waffle with melted chocolate and bananas. In general, I also eat pancakes more often than waffles. 

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