New Information on Chinese related Weather Balloons


On February 4th, the United States had received word from a commercial airliner that there was a large white unidentified object at an altitude of 60,000 thousand feet. China later claimed that this was a high altitude balloon veered off course. The balloon was equipped with an antenna capable of listening in on calls made on devices. The balloon was later tracked and shot down off the coast of south carolina.

  New information shows many more adrift objects. On Sunday, U.S. fighter jets shot down an octagonal shaped object that was over Lake Huron, Michigan. On Friday the pentagon tracked another object, which was later shot down over sea ice near Deadhorse, Alaska. Later that day a third cylindrical shaped object was shot down over Canada's Yukon. The debris from the cylindrical object had not yet been found. White House national security spokesperson John Kirby says when discovered the debris “should tell us a lot.” about where the object is from and what it is. 

In conclusion, China and the united states have been having controversial disagreements on what should and should not be allowed over each other countries. The united states has shot down one confirmed chinese weather balloon in the last week. China still denies all claims of military actions. As the search for the debris continues three of the four unidentified objects have not been found, in the upcoming weeks the government will be updating the public more on the matter. 


What do you think China was doing with the balloon?

Do you think it's just America or do you think it's happened to other countries too?


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  • Good job overall Baleigh! I would like you to add more of your thoughts within your summary. Late.

  • I honestly think it was just an accident, and people were probably overreacting to it. And besides whatever they were doing with it, doesn't matter because our government shot it down. Plus it probably only happened to us in America, and the U.S. probably has weather balloons elsewhere as well. 

  • Im, not 100% sure what china is doing with this weather balloon but they could be spying on us and gathering information on us to maybe try and attack us. I also think that this could be happening to other countries as well.

  • im not sure what the ballon was doing, the only reason they would launch the ballon on the united states because we are their biggest threat. so i do belive it was just launched on the us. i hope that nothing happens that would cause ww3

  • I think that America is the only country that this is being done to. I don't know the friendship between America and China but I'm sure it isn't too great right now. I hope that this does not lead to anything major in the near future, but only time will tell. 

  • I have no idea what they were doing with the balloon and I do not know why they would do what they did and are doing. I think that it is completely possiable that it happened in other countries but I have not heard anything about this happening to other countries, and I feel we would have most likely found out if it was happening in other places.

  • I think that China is trying to spy on us with those balloons, and get information on our military system and our technology. I think this because the path of one of the balloons went over some of the military bases. I don't think it's happening to other countries because they aren't as strong as the US.

    • I agree, at first I thought maybe it was just the first weather balloon than when there is another 3 I think it has to do something more than just be a weather balloon and something more because of how many times its happened.

  • I think that China is trying to get info on our military system. This is because the first balloon, which made it all the way across the country, passed over mulitple military bases including one in Montana as well as Offutt AFB in Omaha. I also heard that it passed over a nuclear plant somewhere in the southern part of the US. I bet that this is only happening in America, because right now, we are the strongest counrty. China wants to become the most powerful country which is why they will not leave us alone. Hopefully, the government actually tells the public information when they find out, because I feel that they hide a lot of things that happen.

  • I think China was using the baloon to figure out a layout of the land or our important landmarks in military/government. I think China should've notified the United States if the weather baloon had enough time to travel to the United States. I also think "It was just a weather baloon" was a weak and lazy excuse that anyone could've thought of.

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