Nashville School Shooting Breakdown

On March 27th, a private christian school in Nashville Tennesee was attacked and an active shooter was in the building killing students and adults. 28 year old Audrey Hale shot fataly and killed 6 total people. 3 Children and 3 Staff members and adults were shot dead that day. Hale was originaly a student that went to school in Nashville and was transgender. Days before the shooting she had mapped up a perimeter and multiple maps and routes of the school to plan a deadly attack.

She entered the building around noon pulling up in her small grey car and entered by shooting out the glass from the front two doors. She had 3 weapons: a Kel-Tec Sub-2000, an AR Pistol, and an MP Sheild Pistol. Her rampage lasted around 14 minutes before she was shot dead on the second floor by officers. Before Hale went on her killing spree, she sent an instagram chat to someone saying she did not want to live anymore and what she was about to do will look bad without context; meaning she knew what she would do is a horrific crime that people that are mentally insane would commit.

So far, no motive has been confirmed but some people are hovering around the idea that she was transgender and recently passed laws in Tenessee that completely banned gender-affirming health care that are puberty blockers and will slow down hormones and did her terroristic acts as sort of a protest. The two officers who shot and killed Audrey Hale were praised by Drake, the head of police for taking down the threat immediately because if they waited any longer then it could have gotten way worse very fast. Even though some people tragically lost their life, the police did an outstanding job taking down the threat fast unlike some school shootings in the past like Uvalde which could have became way less lethal of a turnout. 






What are your thoughts?

What do you think her motive was?

Have you heard about this yet?

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  • Good summary Mason! The issue is you needed to continue replying to students the entire week. You stopped at page one.

  • I think this is a very tragic event and nobody deserves to go through this. It is sad that one may have to worry about the possibility of a shooting whenever they go anywhere. She obviously was struggling with her mental health since she felt the need to go do this.

  • I think this was a terrible event that should not have happened, because I don't think that people with mental disabilities should be able to purchase guns in my opinion. I think her motive was a combination of being mentally ill and maybe being discriminated against when she went to that school.

  • I've seen a couple of videos taken by officers, through cameras on their chest, of them entering the school and checking rooms, carefully moving through the school, and when they found her on the second floor, they did not hesitate to open fire.

  • Those kids in that school did not deserve anything that the state legislature did to transgender people. They were only young and had no clue on what was going on. I believe that Hale premeditated this, and I think she had specific targets. There are people saying that everyone should respect Hale's pronouns, but I could never respect someone that took innocent, young lives.

  • i think that the whole situation is terrible I wish that there was a world where kids didn't have a fear to go to school because of a school shooting. I think the motive was being mentally ill and that's why she did what she did 

  • I did hear about this. There have been a lot of school shootings lately and they are really horrific. I think that the officers that went into the school are very amazing people and brave people. Some cops can’t think about what to do if there is someone in the school because then they could get shot or the students could.

  • I don't really think there was a whole lot of thought behidn it. Like her motive was and wasn't there. I would say mainly lack of attention, and she did it so people would pay more attention to her. Obviously there was something wrong with her, so mental issues, and how she was raised.

  • I think that this whole situation is terrible. I wish that there should be a world where kids don't have to fear going to school. I think the things motive was being mentally ill. No one in there right mind shoots up a school with children. I have known about this thing situation for a while.

  • I think that the motive definetly has something to do with the persons mental health due to the fact that she is transgender. Knowing the government, they will try to blame the situation on guns and say that they need to be taken away. However, it is not the weapons fault, it is the persons. 

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