Mississippi Tornados


In Rolling Fork Mississippi there was a horrible tornado that killed 25 people. This tornado was an EF4 and it touched down in Mississippi on 3/24/23. Many people won't be able to recover from this disaster. This small town had a population of 2,000 people, fields of beans and rice surrounded it. Many of these people that live in this town are very poor and live in mobile homes. 


Many families' homes were directly hit by the tornado, making it almost impossible to survive. One family had to tuck their 4-year-old child under a mattress they would've gone to the bathroom but the mother remembered that there was a massive tree on that side of the house. Luckily they moved because that tree did end up falling on this house. Many people are wondering why this tornado was so big and so dangerous. 


The name for this very destructive tornado is called a long-track tornado, these tornados don't happen often. This specific tornado started in Rolling fork went to Jackson Mississippi and then continued to Silver City it was on the ground for more than an hour. The maximum winds were 170 mph, which is one of the deadliest tornados in the state of Mississippi. After it was off the ground in Silver City another tornado formed in Blackhawk and went to Winona Mississippi. The winds for that one were 155 mph. The average speed of tornados is 30 mph, I think it's so crazy that these tornados in Mississippi were 170 and 155 mph.

What kind of things would you do to help these people? 

Would you travel down to Mississippi to help the people in need? 

What kind of things do you think you would need after something like this happens?




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  • Good job Vylet!

  • I know that they have restored most of the power in Mississippi. My mom's Aunt lives in Mississippi, and it's just I know she was impacted. She didn't have power, and she still doesn't, but it's just because the power company is waiting for parts to come in. 

  • I believe that donating money, food, and supplies, would be a great way to help these people in Mississippi. I most likey would not travel to Mississippi but I were older, I would donate money. I think that family is a big part getting through something like this.

  • These pleople would need everything. They just lost everything, so they would need food, water, temporarpy shelter, clothing, and probably more then jsut that to recover from this. I do not think that I would travel down to Mississpps because I don't travel often and other than this I don't have a reason to go to Mississippi and most of my traveling is to see family.

  • In my opinion, provideing food and water for the time being would be most beneficial in that moment. I think next, money for resources for shelter and the opportunity to get back to their old lives would be the next best step. I think I would like lots of support and understaning, everyone does. If you'd want that for yourself, maybe we should give that way to others.

  • I think the people who were impacted by the tornado should receive the necessary resources and money needed to recover. Donations from the entire nation would be detrimental to the recovery of the families and towns that were impacted by this tornado.

  • I think the people in Mississippi who were impacted by the tornadoes should be helped. It would be good if people from around the country donated resources, such as food, water, materials to help rebuild, and anything else the people need. People could donate money to a charity as well. 

  • We could send them some money maybe or send construction workers to help clean up and build back from the damages. I personally  wouldn't drive down to missisippi  to help them because I dont want to deal with all that. If there happen to be a donation I might send a few dollars to them.

  • I would probably donate things like food, money, clothes. Thats what I would want anyway. I would not travel all the way down there, there are plenty of people that can step up and do that kind of stuff. I feel the most I can do is donate.

  • I think GoFundMes would be perfect for this because they could help the familys  get back on their feet and be stable. Many falimys lost their houses and loved ones so that could also go to some therapy for them because of the truma they wnet through.


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