JFK Assassination  

It’s been 60 years since America's youngest president; John F. Kennedy was assassinated. John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917, and raised in Brooklyn Massachusetts. He was the 35th president of the United States and ran for the Democratic party, and his vice president was Lydon B. Johnson.  John Fitgelrd Kennedy was in his third term of his presidency, he started in 1961 and his term ended in 1963 when he died. Johnson. He was assassinated on November 22, 1963. This happened when JFK was touring the state of Texas with his wife First Lady Jackie Onassis and the Governor of Texas John Connally when he was assassinated.

JFK was 46 years old when he was shot and killed. He was riding in one of Henry Ford's presidential Lincolns, which were leased to the white house for residential use. JFK was assassinated by a man named Lee Harvey Oswald. Just two days after the assassination a local nightclub owner found and shot Lee Harvey Oswald on November 24, 1963. No one has any clue as to why Oswald killed JFK, nobody knows the motive or the reason behind it to this day. People have many thoughts as to if Lee Harvey Oswald was working alone, or if he had help.

Some people believe Lyndon B. Johnson the vice president had something to do with it. Personally, I believe that Oswald worked alone on this one, I think he didn’t like JFK as a president and wanted to eliminate him or take him out of office. 

Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald did this alone?

What would your reaction be if someone was shot right next to you? 

Have you heard of the JFK assasination? If so do you have any conspiracy theories? 







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  • I do not think that he worked alone. In order to assasin a president, you have to have a very good thought out and organized plan which would involve more than one person. I would probably jump out of the vehicle and run out of terror. I have heard of this assasination.

  • I think Lee Harvey Azwold wasn't alone I think to be may have allies. I just think they were not with him when he let those 2 shots off. I think the only reason someone would be shot next to me is because I am deployed.  My reaction would probs be a little bit n shock but other then that I wouldn't be rattled to much.

  • I feel like Lee Harvey Oswald could have done it with other people, but overall I'm not too sure. I believe that if someone was shot right next to me I would just be in shock for a little bit and then I would probably run or get on the ground. I have heard of the JFK assasinations, but I don't have any conspiracy theories.

  • I think it Lee Harvey Oswald most likely had some kind of help. I have heard of the JFK assassination, but I'm not the type of person to have conspiracy theories, so I don't have any about this. I would freak out and run away if someone next to me was shot.

  • No, I don't think that he could have done this alone. I would freak out, it would be at least a little scary to have someone shot right next to you. Yes, I have heard all about the JFK assasination, and yes I have also heard about a lot of the conspiracys. 

  • I think there could have been a chance that Oswald could have achieved this alone, but I'm not really certain. I think I would be freaking out if someone aside from me was shot. I've heard of the JFK assassination before and it's very familiar to me.

  • I think that he probabaly would have had to have some help doing this from someone, because otherwise I think it would be pretty tough to do all by yourself. My reaction if someone got shot in the head would to be to run and hide somewhere. I have heard of the JFk assasination before. 

  • I'm not sure if he did it alone or if he had help with this. I don't know how I would react if someone right next to me was shot. I would do my best to get away really fast. I have heard the story of JFK's assasination and I haven't heard any conspiracy theories.

  • I don't think he did it alone most assasinations I think are planned by bigger groups. If someone was shot next to me i'd probably just run away or find the best cover in the nearest area. I've heard of the jfk assasination and i've seen some things about it but I don't have any conspriacy theories.

    • That's a great point, yes, most assassinations are planned within bigger groups with bigger purposes. 

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