Schools are required by state law to have annual drills in emergency situations. On March 4, 1908, the Lake View school in Collinwood, Ohio caught ablaze due to a furnace overheating. The teachers and staff remained calm and let the students talk among themselves as they exited. This was the worst school fire in history taking 172 students, 2 teachers, and 1 rescuer. Ever since then schools and other public buildings have been finding safer and easier ways to exit the building. Now schools teach their students that walking in a single file line and staying quiet is the best way out of the situation. Is this the best way though?

In case of a fire students are supposed to be quiet and listen to the teacher’s instructions. Line up at the door in a single file manner. Quietly walk outside the building until reaching a safe area. As well as in a tornado situation. It is taught to walk quietly to the designated area in the school.

I think that lining up in a single file line in a fire/tornado situation is a good way to get out of the school in a fire or get to a safe place. I think this because it allows the teachers and school staff to get everyone out safe. I also think that staying quiet really helps get everyone out of the situation much quicker than not. At first I thought that lining up was just a waste of valuable time but now it makes sense to me.

What do you think about walking in a single file line during an emergency?

Would you change the way the school has it now?,and%20report%20where%20you%20are.

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  • Interesting topic but I would like to see what research says is best practice. Good job overall!

  • If you have to walk single file during a fire or maybe a tornado, and one of the students gets punished for not walking in the line then this is the dumbest thing ever. When one student is smart enough to realise that he nees to hurry to get to the right spot he shouldn't be punished for walking out of the line.

  • I think it mainly depends on the age. If some pre-schooler or kindergartener who doesn't know much and could be very scared was in that sort of situation, I think that a line could guide their mind to peace. They then wouldn't have to think about where to go, only the other things any other 4-5 year old would think.

  • I personally believe that following a line can be helpfull becasue it can make some order and make it easier to count people but then agian if their is a emergeny then I do not know because what I would do is book it and try to be the first one out of thier.

  • I think that it is a kind of smart idea, it keeps people calm and under control. Once people start to panic, they will become out of control and start to stampede. This could result in casualties and injuries to other students. I wouldn't change it personally. 

  • I think walking in a single-file line for emergencies is beneficial. It makes it less chaotic and it would be easier for teachers to keep track of everybody.  If everybody was running to where they needed to be, then people would get knocked down and the situation would become a mess. 

  • I think that walking single file could be helpful, because if everyone is all running out at the same time, they will trip and fall. But I also think that if there is a real emergency, the kids should get out as fast as they can. If they have to be in a line, the ones in the back are less likely to make it out. I do think that the kids should have to line up when they get out of the school, so that the teachers can make sure everyone is accounted for.

  • In my opinion, I do not like walking within a single file line, because in those types of situations I want to get out of the room as fast as possible. But I do understand why they are preferred by teachers, because they are much more organized although it's slower.

  • I feel if your adreniline is running, you are not going to just walk calmly in a single file line. You'll be running for your life out of the buidling. I would not walk quietly through a burning place that could potentially collapse on top of me. Currently, people have different views on how we should exit in an emergency situation, but I would be trying my best to get our as fast as I could. It's just another preventitave way so kids don't get trampled and hurt.

  • honestly, no one really does this for drills and I don't think we would do this for the real thing because everyone would want to get out and not want to be the last one out. Like there is no point in not talking like is the fire going to hear us and get bigger? no.

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