Is rock music dying?

Over the last couple of years/decades, people have been growing away from rock music and more into other music genres like hip-hop, rap, and pop music. But there has still been some question as to if rock music is dying or if it's staying the same, and people still love it. The fact of the matter is that it is dying and newer generations have stopped listening to it. 

Many people from older generations got huge into rock. I mean it was like the music that everyone listened to. But as time went on a lot of their kids stopped listening to rock music or never did. Not saying different music is bad and that everyone should listen to rock. But it certainly has become less popular over the last few decades.  A lot of parents have even grown away, trying to expand into other genres of music, some even the ones their kids listen to. Especially now since radio listening has declined a lot over the last decade, most people choose what type of music they like. Verses on the radio if a rock station is the only thing you can get, most people would just listen to that. But it is still a matter of choice. A lot of parents don't want their kids to listen to rock music because it can promote violence and drugs. 

Apparently, the decline of rock music has been due to today's generation listening to other types of music. They say that most teenagers listen to genres such as pop and hip-hop. Thankfully they say rock is still popular among teenagers and young adults. They also say that rock music is still the most popular genre to listen to... that is for adults over the age of 30 though. 

The plus side to it is the concerts that newer generations have been going to. Now we have a lot of concerts coming to big cities and in a study, more people enjoy a rock and roll concert rather than a rap concert. But all of this is opinion based, especially when rap and hip-hop are the highest-selling concert ticket sales in the U.S. 

Either way, whatever people decide to listen to, they say rock music isn't going to die or never will die. It may become less popular over time, but the likelihood of people that will stop listening to it is a very low chance. Listen to whatever music you like, but rock and roll is always a good decision. 


Do you think rock music is dying?


Would you listen to rock music?


Do you like rock music? Why or why not? 


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    • Yeah, I really like the band Queen too. 

  • Yes, I'd think so. Rock music isn't as common as it once was. Most people nowadays listen to rap or pop. I listen to rock music all the time. Rock music is fun to listen to. My dad listens to it also, so it kind of grew on me. 

    • Yeah, I had a similar experience with my dad as well. 

  • I think that rock music is dying because many other people listen to different genres of music. This generation is not really into rock for the most part. I personally do not listen to rock music. I do not care for it, just because rock is not my personal style of music. If you like rock that is fine, its your own choice.

  • I think that rock music is indeed dying. When I listen to the top 100 all genres stations there are usually 0-1 rock songs on that whole playlist. I think that Rock Music is a great genre that needs more listeners to live on. I think that rock music is dying because people today would rather listen to rap and pop music. Personally, I like rock music and would be sad if this genre died. 

    • Yeah, the billboard top100 is a good example that it is dying. 

  • I hate rock music. I think that it was a big thing in the 90's and 2000's and now it is fading away. I do not remember the last time I heard a rock song. In this time country and rap is what a lot of kids listen to now. I like that rock is no longer a trend. 

  • I kind of like rock music, but I am more of a fan of whatever is on the radio, or whatever pops up in my Spotify playlist. I generally like any type of music, but rock isn't on the top of my list. I think that rock music is dying, mostly because it has been there since the 60s and it isn't new and the artists are not finding new ways to make it more enjoyable or that speaks to listeners. 

    • Yeah, the new artists aren't making rock music anymore. 

  • I think that rock music is starting to die, because a lot of kids don't like rock music and music producers are just trying to make money so they make what the people like. I would listen to rock if it came back more and if there was a bigger section to chose from. I like rock music because I have been around it sence a young age.

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