Is DEF Necessary

Diesel Exhaust Fluid also known as DEF is a fix to emission problems with diesel vehicles. DEF is a fluid put into the exhaust of all diesel vehicles newer than 2010. DEF makes diesel vehicles not blow black smoke and it makes vehicles pass the emission test. DEF is supposed to make diesel vehicles more environmentally friendly.

DEF is mandatory for all diesel vehicles newer than the year 2010. But people found a way to not have to use DEF. Some people delete their diesel pickups and that takes all the DEF components off of their vehicles so they don't have to pay for DEF. All tho It is legal to delete vehicles many people do. People always say that DEF saves the environment by taking some of the emotions out of the diesel vehicles.

DEF comes in either a tote or 1-5 gallon jugs. These are made of plastic and many semis trucks and tractors have to use def and when they don't have a 200 gallon tote to use on the road they have too many gallon jugs of def and personally I think that is worse because it is putting more plastic into use. Know there is some gas stations that sell def out of a pump but usually all the pumps are carotid because of how toxic the DEF is

Do you have a diesel vehicle that uses DEF?


Do you think DEF is sustainable?


Do you think all diesel engines should have DEF?

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  • Good topic choice and one I didn't know much about. I do think you could have replied a few more times.

  • I don't know if I have any car that uses DEF.  I don't know if I  think all diesel engines should have DEF, but if they didnt, people could choose whether they want it with or without or if they would rather get an electrical car. I also don't know what the difference is, so I can't say much about it. 

  • No, I do not have my own car. I also do not have a family member that has a diesel vehicle. I am not sure if it is sustainable because I do not think I fully understand it. This is also not something that I have looked into before so my only information is from this, which is possiable bias.

  • I think DEF is a waste of money and doesn't do anything. We deleted all of our trucks and none of them take DEF anymore and they all get better mileage than they did before. DEF is hard on equipment and makes vehicles lose power.

  • We have a pickup and 2 tractors and a combine that all use DEF. I think DEF is a waste of money and resources so no diesel engines should have to have it. To start with, DEF is hard on the motors and makes them not last as long. It also restricts the power of the motor and makes it run worse. This government juice is basically urea, which is urine, so not something we want ran though our motors. It's also fun to blow black smoke.

  • I don't have a vehicle that uses DEF, but I run machines that use DEF and it is very annoying when it runs out. I don't think DEF is sustainable because it is just another fluid that you have to put into your vehicle that costs a lot of money to manufacture. I don't think that vehicles should have DEF because it is just another thing that could go wrong with your truck or machine.

    • I agree vehicles and machinory shoulnt have def becasue of how unsustainable it is.

  • Yes, I have a truck that uses DEF. I wish I did not have to fill up my truck with DEF. It is very Inconvenient.  I believe that there is probably some science behind using DEF. I, personally, think that DEF should be optional.  It also puts another variable into play when buying a new truck.

    • I also have a truck that uses DEF and I agree it is a pain to fill it up.

  • no def is not necassarrey def is the worst thing created ever, def can ruin many things includding cosmetic issues too, People with def can eaislty break a heater in the def tank every winter every year.,

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