Is Daylight Saving Time Good?

Changing sleep patterns, even by one hour, goes against a person’s natural circadian rhythms and has negative consequences for health. One study found that the risk of a heart attack increases 10% the Monday and Tuesday following the spring time change. Researchers found an increase in cluster headaches after the fall time change. 55% of Americans said they are not disrupted by the time change, 28% report a minor disruption, and 13% said the change is a major disruption. Longer daylight hours make driving safer, lowers car accident rates, and lowers the risk of pedestrians being hit by a car. Also, daylight in the evening makes it safer for joggers, people walking dogs after work, and children playing outside, among others, because drivers are able to see people more easily and criminal activity is lowered.






Should Daylight saving time be changed 

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  • Good topic choice Isaac! Glad you got it done even if it's a little late. Be sure to expand a bit more on your summary and also reply abck a few more times.

  • I personally feel that daylight saving time is fine. Its been happing for a long time and I dont see the need to be changing It.  In the winter when its cold out people stay home inside more anyways, then it gives you somethng to look forward to as spring approaches.




  • I think daylight savings should be changed. During the hunting season. You can be getting up around 6-6:30. But after daylight saving you have to be getting up earlier and earlier. Plus who wants to lose sleep. But you get an hour back. I think it should stay the same time all year 

  • I understand that the purpose of daylights saving time and why some people support it, but personally I don't think its needed. Daylights saving time changes your schedule and its difficult for some people to adjust to that schedule. 

  • I think that daylight savings is fine bacuse you get more sunlight to do extra activitys. People just are too lazy to make minor change in schedule.

  • I do not think that daylight saving time is needed what so ever, I can see what they tried to do with making the daylight savings but they need to realize it is not that important anymore. But they dont understand that it does more harm than good.

  • In my opinion, l think that daylight saving time was made a long time ago when farmers and people didn't have technology or equipment to be able to work during the night hours.  I think that we should get rid of it because it does more harm than good.

  • I understand the thought behind daylight savings time and why some people support it. But I personally think that it is not needed or wanted by most people who it affects. I think that we should get rid of it because it's pointless and annoying in my opinion. 

  • I think that it isn't needed, or wnated, but I don't think that we have to get rid of it. To me it just seems like a normal, happens only twice a year thing that we just have to deal with, and that in the long one, doesnt really harm anyone because you lose one hour of sleep or you gain one hour of sleep. My thoughts are is, if you know that you are having an hour of sleep taken away, then go to bed one hour earlier that night, and vice versa.

  • I think daylight saving time is not important at all. We don't need to change our time just because the sun sets earlier does not mean we need to chnage the time twice a year. I think we should just keep the later time and nor change it ever again. Then we would always have a extra hour. daylight saving time is simply just not needed anymore.

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