Is college worth the expense?

Many people believe college is well worth the expense. Those with a bachelor's degree earn almost double what workers with a high school diploma make. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a high school diploma worker is $38,792. Comparatively, average workers with a bachelor's degree make $64,896 a year. Another reason is a survey done in 2020 by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found a growing number of individuals stating college is a good investment. 87% of college graduates cited college as "probably" or "definitely" worth it. 77% of workers with a post-graduate degree and 60% of workers with a bachelor's degree believe their jobs give them a sense of identity. Compared to only 38% of those working with a high school diploma.


Research shows that students don't attend college after high school because college is too expensive, and they don't want to go into debt. 62% of college graduates from 2019 left school with an average balance of $28,950 in student loans. Over the past decade, college costs have increased by more than 25%. In 2012, 58% of the students who graduated with a bachelor's degree attended college for six years rather than four years. Attending college for more than six years can rack up your debt, and it will take a while to pay that off. However, many alternatives, such as trade schools, boot camps, and community colleges, can get you a degree for cheaper.


College is well worth the expense. The minimum educational requirement for most jobs is a bachelor's degree. Despite the high cost of tuition, a college degree will give you more financial stability. Workers with a bachelor's degree earn a median of $1,334 weekly. Students can pay $280 monthly to pay off their debt in ten years or less.




Do you think college is beneficial? 


Do you plan on attending college? If so, what for? 

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  • Good job Averie! While we have had similar topics, yours is a bit different. It was posted a day late.

  • I think that college is worth it. If you do attend college then it most likely will be easier for you to make more moeny in the furture. Having a college degree will also benefit you when being employed. So even though college is a high price to pay, I do think it would be worth it. 

  • I agree, I think that going to college will benefit anyone more than just a highschool diploma, depending on what you plan on doing after highschool. You will be making alot more money. It will suck having to pay the debt off but it will benefit you in the long run.

    • I agree with you, college can put you in a lot of debt. But having a higher-paying job can help pay off the debt faster. 

  • I think college is worth the expense.  Many jobs that require college degrees pay a lot more. While you may have to use some of this money to pay off debt from college, it is still worth it because once you pay it all off you get to make a lot more money. 

    • I agree with you; a college degree can significantly improve one's employment. 

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