Is Black Friday good or bad for small businesses?

Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, many stores offer great deals for shoppers. This is known as Black Friday. With many people shopping on Black Friday, it is a great opportunity for stores to gain revenue, but is there too much competition for small businesses to make a good profit? 


Typically, the stores with the best deals get the most customers. Big chain stores can afford to make these sort of deals, and have enough items in stock to sell a large amount of items for little cost. Small businesses can't compete with many of the deals big stores have and often have to sell things at a higher price, or feel pressured into matching these deals that they can't afford. This causes many customers to shop at bigger stores instead of small ones.  Big stores also can advertise their deals a lot more than small businesses. They have more money for advertisements. For example, last year major retailers spent just over a quarter of a billion dollars advertising for their black friday deals alone. In comparison, the average small business spends only $400 dollars on advertisements monthly. Due to all of this advertising, a lot more people will know about the sales big stores are having, while not many will know about small business sales. 


I think that Black Friday can be profitable for small businesses if they set realistic deals that their business can afford. No small businesses will  benefit as much as big businesses do from black friday, but they can make some money if they remember what their business can afford. 


Do you think Black Friday is good or bad for small businesses? 


Do you usually shop at big stores or small stores on black friday?

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  • Great job overall Lindsey! You could have replied back a few more times.

  • I think that Black Friday is a good think for small businesses because they don't get a lot of business unless they have something that is cheap. I usually shop at bigger stores because they have more stuff unless they are out of stuff so you have to be there early.

  • I feel that black friday is a good thing for every buisness because it may attract more people rather than having normal prices because at least it is cheaper than normal. I normally shop at all stores just to see what they have for sale so I like to hit up as many places as I can but it is super crowded so it makes it kinda hard to buy stuff.

  • This is a very difficult question. It could be really good because then they will sell a lot of their goods. However, it could be bad because then they might be bought out. I think it just depends on the situation and how much of their stock is purchased. 

    • I agree, it can be difficult for small businesses to make good deals because they have limited items in stock 

  • The problem with being a small business is making profit and still having the necessary supplies for the business. You may be able to make $200 in profit, but there are things that people have to buy for the business like baking supplies or building supplies. I never shop on black friday but I would definetly check out all stores because they would have a benifit for one person or another you are buying presents for.

  • I think black friday can be good or bad for small businesses. If they sell a lot of their stock and make decent money it would be good. If they knock the prices down too low so people will buy and don't make good profit it would not be good. I don't usually do much shopping at all.

  • I think it could be both for small businesses. Because it would get people in their stores and would make them a little money I think black Friday is an excuse for people to go buy stuff they don't need. But I do like black Friday makes stuff cheaper but at the same time, businesses are making more money than before. People think they are saving money but they are not they are spending more. 

  • I think it's great for small businesses, the whole idea of black Friday is to boost the economy and stock market values. Which has worked every year. If small businesses close on black Friday that's just good business for them that they could be getting. 

    • I agree, if small businesses arn't open on black friday they could be missing an opportunity

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