Is allowing student to play games at school a good idea

Some say they provide experiential learning for the students that play games. Doing so teaches students relative skills more suited to the era. One such skill is creative problem solving which is the best for the future workplaces , according to the organization for economic co-operation and development. Games where students solve math problems in a fantasy environment, can help students master skills such as critical thinking.


Others may say that playing video games messes with people's sleep schedule or job/school work, then you’d much rather have to take a step back and reschedule your time limits. Some people worry about the health issues that come with playing games too much like damaged eyesight, lack of exercise, violent tendencies, even seizures.

I personally think that allowing kids the freedom to play games is a great idea. I feel like if students are allowed to play games they would be more focused when they are in class.


Do you believe that games should be allowed in school?


Do you think that games should only be limited to home?

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  • Interesting topic!! +5  Your summary is a tad brief and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think students should be able to play games if they are done with their work and also if they aren't failing any of their classes. Even though sometimes students won't pay attention if they are playing games but if they want to play games then they probably won't pay attention anyways.

  • I think that students should be able to play games because what if they are done with their work. Sometimes people are still able to pay attentio9n to what's going on while plaiyng a game. If a kid wants to sit and play games all class and not pay attention then I see when that gets irratating

  • I personally don't see anything wrong with students playing games in school if they are done with all of their work. Computer games are different than board or card games, and I don't think students should play them during class but, if they are done with everything they should be able to play games.

  • Computer games should not be allowed at school. However, in study halls, kids should be able to have their phones to play games or whatever they want if they have nothing to do. Games would be okay on computers if they were used in moderation and not while a teacher is teaching a lesson.

  • I don't think that COMPUTER games should be allowed in school. They draw the student's attention away from school and toward video games. Now, games in PE are fine because it is a class dedicated to playing games for 43 minutes, and there is no actual school work to do.

  • I think to a certain point playing games in school is good. I think if it is causing the student to not learn and struggle in the class then it's bad but playing games, in my opinion, gives us a break from learning so much each day and each hour. I think that when we are learning a new concept then we should be able to play games.

  • I personally believe that games at school are a nice change in some classes and should be okay if we do not have anything to do in the class or have no homework to do. I see how people say that games can be bad but they are a nice break from the class every once in while.

  • I think that games at school are a nice break and should be okay if you have nothing to do in class. I see why people think that games at school are a bad thing but if you are doing nothing but sitting there I believe that you can have a break playing games.

  • no i dont think that students should be able to play video games in school because it could take there learning away and they could forget the time and be late to there next class and they would loose focus when playing video games

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