Is Alex Murdaugh Guilty?

Alex Murdaugh is a 54-year-old lawyer. He and his family lived in a little town called Islandton in South Carolina. He had 2 sons Buster and Paul, who had died. The Murdaughs basically controlled the town and had it their way, because of their last name and the money that they had. They had multiple properties in the town and their kids were well-known throughout the county.

Buster is the older son and he was a pretty good kid, and Paul was the youngest and he got into some trouble while growing up. Some weird things happened when Paul would get in trouble. He would first tell everyone not to call the police and he would immediately call his grandpa and his dad. There were some small things that had happened that he would do but something changed the night of February 24, 2019. He and his friends were a little older than high school age and liked to have fun on the weekends by drinking. There was a Festival and Paul drove him and his friends on a boat to the Festival. Paul was pretty drunk and was very aggressive with his friends and demanded he drives the boat. He ended up crashing into a bridge throwing 2 people overboard and killing 1 girl, Mallory. When they went to the hospital Alex Murdaugh and his dad were trying to change the story so Paul wouldn’t get in trouble. Later, Paul went to court several times but was never charged with anything too serious.

Things kind of went quiet in the town for a couple of years. Alex Murdaugh was a lawyer with plenty of money but that wasn’t where he was getting all of his money. He was a fraud who was stealing millions of dollars and wasn’t paying his workers and what he agreed to. There were things coming out about him being a fraud, so to “distract” people from that, he came home June 7, 2021, to his wife and son laying in the yard, dead from being shot. From then, many investigators jumped on this case. 

There are many reasons why people think he is guilty, one being that Paul Murdaugh posted a Snapchat video 30 or so minutes before he was shot, and you can hear Alex in the background, and Alex had claimed he was not at the house. The guns used to kill Paul and Maggie were guns that the Murdaughs had at their house. I think that Alex is guilty and I think that there are more stories to come out. I think this guy was very evil and had many more secrets to reveal.


Do you think that Alex Murdaugh is guilty?

Do you think that he has more secrets to him?

Should Paul have been charged with murder for Mallory? 

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    • I agree, I think he has many more secrets and that Paul should have been charged.

  • I think that Alex Murdaugh is guilty. The video where you can hear him in the backround and the guns that were used to kill his family are both clues that point to him. I think he probably has a lot more secrets but 2 have been uncovered. 

    • I agree, I think the video that was released really made him guilty.

  • I don't know enough about this case to know if he is guilty but most signs are pointing to yes, I think there is still a lot of secrets to be revealed from him and some other people. As the case continues to develop we will know more and can find out if Alex is truly guilty and wether Paul should be charged or not. 

  • I think Alex Murdaugh is guilty because this whole situation seems sketchy. He definently has more secrets than what has been released to the public. I do think Paul should have been charged with murder for Mallory because it was his fault. He shouldn't have been driving the boat if he was drunk.

  • I think that Alex Murgaugh is guilty. I'm sure he has more secrets hiding, and only time and investigation will reveal these secrets. The biggest piece of evidence is that he was with Paul 30 minutes before, and he told the police that he wasn't home. Also the guns being the same ones they had in the house is a big indicator.

  • I honestly don't know that much about this case but this story points a ton of fingers at Alex. To me, he seems guilty, but only time will tell the truth. This story is interesting to me because there seems to be so many different sides and stories.

  • I never heard about this happening but I do know that, unless he has a very different voice, you won't be able to know if Alex was home in the video, and ic could've been Buster. I don't know if he has any more secrets to him, as well as I don't know if he has many secrets at all now. Paul should not be charged with murder for accidental vehicular manslaughter.

  • I think that Paul is definetly guilty. I would be willing to bet that he has more secrets to hide. Being the man in town with lots of money, he could use it to his advantage. He probably took advantage of people as a lawyer. I also bet that if anyone knew about his secrets, he paid them to keep quiet. I think that Paul should have been chagred for murdering Mallory too.

    • I agree, I think that he took advantage of many people and that Paul should have been charged for murdering Mallory.

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