Iowa and Nebraska Tornadoes

On Saturday March 26 a couple of tornadoes hit Nebraska and Iowa. They devastated the surrounding towns. Meanwhile, some towns did get hit, and most houses were demolished.

In Iowa at least 3 tornadoes touched ground. One of the tornadoes had hit Minden. After the storm 3-4 people were hospitalized and 20 people were rescued from the wreckage. A tornado hit Lincoln Nebraska, as well as Omaha Nebraska. It is spring so tornadoes are going to be happening more often. The reason so many tornadoes happen in Iowa and Nebraska is because we are in tornado alley. 


Many tornadoes happen in Nebraska and Iowa. One tornado had hit Iowa in May of 1968. The tornado had hit on May 15. 13 people were dead and 450 were injured. It was an F5 and the funnel of the tornado was 600 yards wide. It had passed through Charles City and damaged over 1,500 homes.


The most recent tornado that had caused death in Iowa, was on June 11, 2008. 4 people had died, but 48 were injured during the storm. It was an F3 and the funnel was 440 yards wide. It had hit multiple cities because its path was 7.5 miles long. In Nebraska a tornado hit on May 8 1965. The tornado was an F4 and had killed 4 people. This had happened in Primrose, Nebraska.


These tornadoes were horrible, and I hope people that got hit by it are safe.



Did you watch the tornado outside?

Did you or anybody you know get hit by the tornado?



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  • I saw the tornado and watched them chase it on the news. It was a scary time for everyone especially the people who got hit and whos houses were damaged. I do know a couple people that were hit and the damage is bad.

  • I watched videos of the tornado and didn't watch it outside because while it was happening it was raining and hailing at my house. I know quite a few people that were hit and got a lot of damage from the tornadoes.

  • I did not watch the tornados outside, I was in my basement because the tornado was very close to my house and it is very dangerous to be outside during a tornado. Some of my neighbors got hit by the tornado and many people got hit on my way to Harlan. My house did not get hit, but many did and flipped their world upside down.

  • I didn't get to watch the tornado because I was in Des Moines for Drake Relays. Although, the tornado was headed straight for my house and my mom got a video. I was kinda worried about it hitting my house and my family being their when I wasn't there.

  • I didn't watch the tornado outside because I wanted to get myself in the basement so I would get injured. I did know people that have gotten hit by the tornado and had to help them the next day.

  • I watched the tornadoes for a little while and even went to go check out the damage afterwards around town and nothing got damaged badly. Some people I know got hit by it and it either wrecked everything or took barns or other buildings.

  • I did in fact see the tornado this past weekend along with I think a lot of others. I did actually know someone that was effected by the tornado. Also, my family helped them out because our house was not effected by the tornado.

  • I did watch the tornado out side once i knew it wasn't close enough to harm me, I watched it from my garage go from tennent towards harlan. I had one of my family members effected from the tornado, she lost her house but luckely she wasn't home at the time.

  • I watched the tornados for a little bit outside but once it started to get closer my family went inside and downstairs. I did not get hit by the tornado, but there are many people that I know that got hit by it.

  • I did actually watch the tornado outside, it was huge and it really scared me. I was nervous about where it was going to go. I thought it might hit my loved ones who lived near it. Thank God, my friends nor family got hit or affected by the tornado. This tornado was the biggest one I've ever seen in my life. 

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