Idaho killer

Ethan Chapin, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Kaylee Goncalves, were stabbed to death in the Moscow, Idaho, home where three of them lived together with two other students. Authorities believe the killings were done by Bryan Kohberger. They found a sample of fingerprints from a knife that was on the victims beds. One of the girls that survived affidavit at court announced that she had seen a tall slender man with bushing eyebrows the night of the killing. He was also dressed in all black. Kohberger was a 28 years old criminology Ph.D. student at nearby Washington State University. 

The night of the murders was just a normal Saturday. Chapin and Kernodle had attended a fraternity party Mogen and Goncalves had gone to a bar. All four were home by 2 a.m and most were asleep by 4 a.m. One roommate was awoken at approximately 4 a.m. by sounds coming from upstairs including what she thought was her roommate Goncalves saying, "there's someone here." She opened her door again and this time saw the man. As she stood frozen in shock, the man walked past her toward the house's rear sliding door. The crazy thing about this is that she was able to get a look at him and he still didn't kill her. This is why many people believe that she was a part of it too.

Police went back to look at the footage of the bar and street cameras they were able to see a white sedan that had been following the kids around. The police then looked at the Security footage from the campus of Washington where Kohberger is a graduate student, showed a similar white sedan headed in the direction of Moscow shortly before 3 a.m. and then appearing to return around 5:30 a.m. Everything from that night points towards Kohberger. Once he left the house, the roommate that saw him stayed locked in her room. It took her 8 hours to call the police to notify them of the killings. This killing was a very sad and crazy thing that happened. I just don't think the police know much about it.

Do you think the roomate was a part of it? 

Do you think Bryan Kohberger killed them? 

What do you think his intentions were by killing them?

Why do you think he didnt kill the other roomate. 


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  • Good topic choice and well done Paige! I am suprised this didn't get more comments as its a super popular strory with young people. Be sure to comment on three different days.  +5 for original story

  • I don't believe the other roomate was part of it, I think she was just in shock. I do think Bryan Kohberger was the killer because of his often cirles around the victims' house. I feel like his intentions were to kill only the 3 girls that lived there and then wound up killing one of the girl's boyfriend because he was there. He probably just wanted to get out of there before he would possibly get caught in the action by either another roomate or the cops. 

  • I believe that the surviving roommate was not part of it. I also think that Bryan Kohberger was the killer, as his car was seen circling the house 4 times before he entered the house. He also came back the next day, which is a common behavior for killers. I think his intentions were to kill someone (one person) and ended up killing four. I think he didn't kill the other roommate because he was having an adrenaline rush and crashed. He just wanted to get out of the house.

  • I think he intended to understand how a killer thinks by doing what a killer does. An important fact to point out is that he posted on Reddit how a killer thinks and why they did it. He then was probably thinking that to know how a killer thinks he did what other killers did. So he found them on Facebook and found where they lived and decided that these people were going to be the victims. Once he figured out their routine he noticed that they would go out every Friday and come back to the house drunk early in the morning. So one Friday he decided that he was going to kill them. He then went into the house and killed four people. By the time he killed the last person,  he soon realized that he was wrong about doing this so he went out the door that he came in and most likely saw the witness but didn’t kill them because he realized that he killed too many people. So he left them alone and went home. When he got home he then decided that he was going to leave the state and go across the country to possibly leave the country to get away scot-free without any charges.

  • I don't think that the roomate was part of the killing. I believe that she was just in shock of what had just happened to her roomates. I do however think that Bryan Kohberger killed them. He went to their house on multiple occasions and was around the crime scene the night of the murders. I don't know what his intentions were, whether he was just looking to kill someone or if their was actually motive behind the killings. I think he didn't kill the other roomate because he was at a lose of adrenaline. He had already killed 4 people and didn't have the energy to kill a 5th.

  • I don't think the roomate was part of it. I think she was just terrified after seeing what happened to her friends, and she locked herself in her room until she calmed down enough to call the police. I do believe Bryan Kohberger killed them as there is plenty of evidence against him. I'm not sure what his intentions were by killing them. I think he decided not to kill the other roomates because deciding who lives and who dies makes him feel powerful and in control. 

  • I think that the roommate probably did have something to do with it and it is because she literally saw the killer and he saw her. So why didn’t she call the police? I do believe that it was Brian and possibly the roommate that killed them. His fingerprints were found on the weapon the roommate probably planned this with him, and so hid her knife so that she didn’t get in trouble. I’m not sure exactly what their intentions were to kill the roommates, but it was probably something that could’ve been resolved another way.

    • I agree, I just wish one of the victims survived and was able to tell what happened. 

  • I didn't hear much info about this case but I think that he had something wrong with him or had something against them leading Bryan to kill them. I honestly don't think the roommate that survived was apart of it because the killer likely didn't know how many people lived in the home and the roommate may have been shocked by the killing. 

    • I disagree, the killer was able to make eye contact with the roomate that survived and still didnt kill her. 

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