How much daylight do you prefer?

In places like Alaska it is bright out usually all day during the summer. And in the Winter it is dark most of the time. A lot of people who live there say they don’t mind it in the summer because the days are so long. But in the winter it can get annoying to having your world always be dark.  I have even seen a couple videos where people will be leaving a resturant or something at 11 or 12 pm and it is completely bright outside where they are. 


To cope with having it bright most of the day, people will have to buy blackout curtains. Although on warm days, you need to keep windows open and fans running to cool the house at night – which means no curtains. They also said taking vitamin D is highly important in the winter because the human body produces less of it when it’s not exposed to enough sunlight. This is especially true in northern areas of Alaska, where civil twilight is the lightest it gets for some 60 days since the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon from mid- to late November until late January.


They say that it’s mostly dark from about mid-november to mid-january. Which basically means that once the sun sets in November, residents won't see daylight for two months. I personally don’t know if I could handle having it dark all of the time or bright. I like when you leave somewhere and it’s dark so you know to go home. Or if you wake up and it is still dark outside you know you woke up too early. There are many reasons why I like living where we do when the light is normally the same. But if I had to choose one I think I would like it to be bright all of the time. 


Would you rather have it bright out all of the time or dark? Why?


Or do you just like the way it is where we live? Explain.


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  • Great topic choice and well done Jeb! All but two comments were on one day. Spread them out a bit more evenly.

  • I would rather it be light out. I don't like it when it is dark all of the time. I find it very annoying, and I often get tired easier. I don't think I could live in Alaska, I think I would end up getting annoyed with it. It all depends on the person though. 

  • I would rather have it bright out all the time. I can not stand when it is dark and I can not see. I also don't like when I'm driving into people's headlights, it messes with my head. If I could choose to have it the way we do now, I would keep it. I like sleeping in the dark.

    • Yeah, driving could get weird/annoying. 

  • I'm not sure which one I'd like better. I feel like I really enjoy nighttime and the dark but it would get boring and you can only do so much. I think that overtime it would get less and less fun quicker than all daylight. I think the times of day and night here are fine, I don't think I'd change it.

  • I would rather have it light out all of the time because it's easier to see stuff and I just like the light more. I don't like trying to sleep when it's light outside though so that's one problem but I also think if it was dark outside all of the time I would always want to sleep. I like it more just the way it is though it's perfect. 

  • I personally like the sunlight but then again the dark can be a nice change every once in a while but also if the sun is out longer then it can get hotter and I do not really like the heat but I would take it over the super cold of the winter.

  • I would rather it be  lighter out just a little more in the morning and in night, otherwise I am satrifsifed witht the daylight until winter hits, I do not like when we set the clocks back and then the time goes back and it gets dark at 5.

    • Yeah, setting the clocks back or forward can get annoying. 

  • I would rather have sunlight all around instead of total darkness. It's significantly harder to light up a house than darken it. It would also be better for the plants, families, and companies that are solar power dependent to have all-around sunlight. Also having a constant flow of vitamin-d doesn't sound too bad.

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