History of the American Burger

Did you know that one of the world's most popular foods has only been around for about 100 years and was created in America? The in-depth history of hamburgers does date back further to 1848 when political unrest led Germans to migrate to the United States. The Germans brought their food and began to serve a popular Salisbury steak-like dish called "Hamburg-style" chopped steak. Hamburg in Germany was known as an exporter of high-quality beef. It was around this time that meet grinders also became common.

The origin of the more modern hamburger can be traced to lunch wagons, fair stands, and roadside restaurants in Wisconsin, Connecticut, Ohio, New York, and Texas. These places all take claim to have invented the ground beef patty on a bun combo late in the 19th century. The first large, official showcase of the hamburger was at the Louis World’s Fair. 

It was 2 years later that hamburgers experienced the first drawback. A book called The Jungle exposed the gross conditions of meat packing plants. Industrial ground beef could easily have fillers, preservatives, and meat scraps added. This caused the hamburger reputation to become harmed and it became a questionable food option. The bad reputation was able to be broken in 1921 when the first fast-food restaurant opened. White Castle, based in Kansas, was known for its health, cleanliness, and sanitation and quickly became popular for its burgers. McDonald's and In-N-Out Burger opened next, in 1948.  It was McDonald's that helped the burger become a global sensation.


Do you prefer burgers or hotdogs?

Did you Know Burgers were invented in the US?

What is your favortie fast food place to get burgers from?

White Castle didn't just invent sliders. The Kansas chain created a  playbook for American fast food | KMUW


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  • I prefer burgers because I think that it has taste and just more food. I didn't know that burgers were first made in the US. My favorite place to get burgers is probably either mc Donalds or hardies because I think that they just taste the best.

  • I prefer burger over hotdogs I didnt know burgers were made in the united states because most foods were made in other countries and I assumed the same with burgers I like getting burgers from mcdonalds because its one of the closer resturants with burgers and they taste alright.

  • I really like burgers and dont like hot dogs very much, so I much rather prefer burgers. I did know that the burger was invented in America but that was all the history of it I knew. I dont really have a favorite place for burgers to be honest.

  • I like burgers more than hotdogs and I like my burgers from either Burger King or McDonalds but it depends on what I get. No, I did not know that burgers were made in the U.S..

  • Personally, I prefer a hot dog, they're just more enjoyable to me. Obviously, I like both of them, but when I think of America I think of Hot Dogs, not really burgers. I honestly didn't know burgers were originally from the US, but now that I know I think it's pretty cool. Thinking about them makes me hungry. 

  • I am a picky eater and I don't really eat but i don't know swhich one i will choose. I think burgers were invented by the US but i am not sure they were. I don't really have a favorite fast food place to get burgers because i don't really fast food.

  • uh a burger more protien and better things and a glizzey is pretty mid.  I have always been given a burger any time we would go out or make food at home. My favorite place to get burgers from would have to be Wendy's because I think they taste the best.

  • I don't pick or choose when it comes to food but if I had to choose I would choose a burger because I have always been given a burger any time we would go out or make food at home. My favorite place to get burgers from would have to be Wendy's because I think they taste the best.

  • Personally, ive never liked hotdogs and will always choose a hamburger. But not at school, I think they are gross. I was not aware that the hamburger was invented in the United States, but that would be easy to asume since we eat it all the time.

  • I like both of them, so I think it depends on what I'm craving that day. I did know that they were from the US but that they were created by people from another place, who were not Americans. I don't have a fast food hamburguer place, as long as it tastes good, that's fine.

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