History of Mcdonald's

In 1940, the first Mcdonald's was opened in San Bernardino, California. You would think Mcdonald's would have been so successful because of their ability to make food fast but they were very good at marketing and the iconic ads. Since they were so successful at the marketing they were able to keep up with competion. Mcdonald's main competitors were wendy's, In and out, and of course Burger King. The menu for Mcdonald's look pretty simular to what we have now but just a little more basic.

In 1948, the founders of Mcdonald's , Maurice and Richard McDonald, revamped the business. Some of the new looks of Mcdonald's was being able to make a large amount of food faster. Another big part of this time was the fun, red and yellow clown. Rondald was a chacter to appeal to children and symbolize Mcdonald's. With good food and a goofy looking clown they had to be the best fast food company in the world, but in 1979, Mcdonald's started giving out toys with kid's meals that just few month later was named the happy meal.



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What is your favorite thing at Mcdonald's?

Do you like Ronald Mcdonald or do you think he is creepy?

Do you think Mcdonald's is bad for you?

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  • My favorite thing ive ever gotten from Mcdonalds is definetly the chicken nuggets, I get it every time im there jsut becasue I love chicken nuggets. I like their sprite too, I like how good and crsipy it is. I think Ronald Mcdonald is creepy and I don't think he should even be a thing, it jsut scares kids. 

  • My favorite item at Mcdonalds are the fires. I think that Rondald Mcdonald is kinda creepy and I don't really like him. I think that Mcdonalds isn't very good for you, but I think it is still okay to have as a treat once in awhile. 

  • My favorite thing from mcdonalds is probobly the chicken nuggets or their ice cream. I don't find Ronald McDonald creepy, I am not scared of clowns so that is why I do not find him creepy. I do think that McDonalds is bad for you, I think that all fast food places are bad for you. 

  • My favorite thing is probably the nuggets, they are pretty good. I used to like the fries the most, but they've been getting kinda mid. Ronald McDonald is very creepy, I do not like clowns in general. Yes, McDonalds can be bad. Fast food in general is bad for our health if consumed often. 

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