history of Florida

There are a lot of things that people don't know about florida. They became a state on March, 3rd 1845. When I think about Florida I think about how hot and nice it is but, I learned that Florida has gotten to -2 before.

One thing that you may not know about Florida is that it was under colonial rule by Spain from the 16th century to the 19th century, and briefly by Great Britain during the 18th century. They stopped having control over them in 1783. This also means that they were named after something in Spain. They were named after the Spanish festival  La Pascua Florida after the Spanish festival Pascua Florida, which means "festival of flowers."

One fun fact is that the First Integrated Professional Baseball Game for African Americans. Took Place in Florida Jackie Robinson the first professional basketball player. Played a training game in Dayton Beach,Florida. Another one is that Florida is the flattest state in america. When I think of flat states I think of flat states I think of Nebraska somewhere in the midwest.

I love traveling to Florida and being on the beach. This is one of the reasons why I go. I want to go to Disney World some time. Did you know that Orlando is one of the most visited cities because of disney world. I go to Jacksonville to see my cousins. Outside of Alaska, Jacksonville is the biggest country. Nearly 2 times the size of Los Angeles.





Have you been to Florida? If so, have you ever gone to Disney World ?

Did you learn anything new? 

Do you like or play basketball?

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  • I have never gone to Flordia or Disney World in Flordia and If I did go to Florida I don't think I would go to Disney world because I don't like the parks like that. I do play basketball and I usually enjoy playing the sport.

  • I have been to Florida for a cruise when i was little but its a nice state to be in and enjoy a summer. I have not been to disney world but i plan to go to disney land in california this summer. I like to watch basketball or hear the news or trade rumors 

    • I havent been to disney world or land but I would like to.

  • Yes, I have been to Florida my grandpa owns a rental house down there and we stayed in it. yes, I have gone to Disney world even a couple of times. I learned that The first African baseball game was played there. I like basketball but I do not play basketball. 

  • I have been to Florida before and when I went with my family we went to Disney World. I don't remember much from the trip when we went to Disney World, but on our more recent trip for my grandparent's aniversary I learned that even when it is cloudy out you need to wear sunscreen.

    • haha!! I love Florida 

  • I have not been to Florida, I don't think I ever really want to go there. The place has never interested me or seemed cool to go to. All I know about Florida is that there is beaches, alligators, crazy people (crack heads), and it seem like a dangerous place to be. I don't like basketball and never played it. 

  • I never went to Florida but it would be nice to go to Florida and I probably go to Disney World sometime. I did learn a little but not much. I don't really like sports it's kinda boring to watch.

  • I have only gone to florida when I went on a disney cruise. It was pretty warm and tropical and It was alot more interesting than iowa. I do like basketball, but I am too short to play. I don't really like playing basketball anyways.

  • I've never been to Florida or Disney World, but I really want to go someday. It's always interesting how states came to be, especially such popular ones. Each state has such interesting history that makes them unique. I love basketball and I have played before, it's cool Florida was such an important part of integrating sports. 

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