History and progress of sexism

Over the past three hundred to four hundred years, women have been projected as many things. Sexism has played a major role in forming society into what we know it as today. In the 1600s, women were often accused of being witches and given unfair trials under the basis of “guilty until proven innocent”. In the 1700s, they were expected to marry young, give their husbands children, and cook and clean all day. In the 1800s, the same expectations as the 1700s were the norm. 


Everything started to change in the 1900s. During the early 1900s and up to the mid 1940s, women were hard at work in shops and factories. Filling in for the men whilst war raged across Europe. The women’s rights movement became a major concept in the 1960s and 1970s. The idea was to include women more in the workforce, military, give them the same rights as men, etc. 


Millions of people were against the women’s rights movement. Those who believed/believe that women should still marry young, provide children/heirs, and stay at home are the key protestors for the movement. But despite the efforts of those who disapproved, women were granted the right to vote, the opportunity to do anything/everything that a man can do, etc.


Do you think sexism is a major/key contributor in life today? Why and where?

Should men and women be allowed to have the same opportunities?

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  • Good job overall! I would like to see you comment a few more times though.

  • I think sexism goes quite a long way in the world and has a bad history/past. I think today it is still a problem in many ways, but thier is not much a person can do if they are sexist or non sexist everybody has thier own belives and what they want.

  • I still think that sexism is still very prevalent in today's society just not in ways that are as exteme as before. Women are still targeted and stereotyped because of their gender. For example, charasmatic boys are generally graded easier because teachers belive that boys are "trying their best" to learn the materials. However, when a boy is in advanced classes, people assume that they are smarter than the women in his classes, even if they are not the smartest there. 

  • I think sexism is still a very prevalent social factor in today's life. While sexism is not as overt as it was in the past, there are so many unconscious biases that people have. Many acts of misogyny are not blatant enough for people to pinpoint, but they still negatively affect people.

  • I think that sexism is not that big of a deal than it used to be. I think that the only reason people are talking about it today is because we still have reminders of it such as Women's History Month. Not saying they don't deserve it, but maybe it's only reminding women that they were mistreated.

  • I don't think sexism is as big as it used to be, but it's still brought up at some points. At school, if a teacher needs help with something they usually say "I need a big strong boy to help me", even though women can be big and strong as well. Boys also have a big habit of making sexist jokes lately, because of that Andrew Tate dude. I'm glad it's not as bad as it used to be, but I hate that some people still joke about it/act sexist. 

  • I do not really think that sexism is a very big thing. I think that some people make it out to be much worse than it actually is. I think that most of the time wormen and men do have the same opportunities. Sometimes men will get more raises because women will have to be gone because they will have kids but their husbands can stay in work. Another thing is that women don't get the same money as men and this is because they work different jobs.

  • Yes, I think that sexism isn’t as much of a key contributor in life/ society today at least not as much as it was in the 1600s-1800s but in a way it still is an issue. Some people still believe that women don’t deserve the right to vote and that women belong in the kitchen. I believe that women do deserve the same rights as men and are more than capable to do the things that are considered “manly”. Whether or not we are smaller than you or “weaker” than you we can do anything that we put our mind to.

  • I do think that sexism has its role in everyone's lives, but what can men do that women can't anymore other than physical labor like lifing heavy stuff for hours a day. Men and women shouldn't have the same opportunities because we don't have the same genetic structure, and with sports with the recent trans men switching to womens sports and just dominating and winning everything. For example Lia Thomas is a trans guy that goes to Penn State college and it was the first one to win a title.

    • I like your viewpoint on this and the fact that you brought up transgender persons. Genetic structure is a big part of physical strength differences between men and women. Whereas a woman might be leaner, lighter, and more toned, a man would be heavier, faster, and have more naturally occurring muscle. With trans men/women switching sports or activities during their transition, they would bring those natural attributes to their new team/category.

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