Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parenting is when a parent is overly focused on their child. The parents typically take too much time or effort into their child's lives or experiences.The reason parents can become this way is a natural feeling of wanting to protect your child. I think that this is understandable but if the parent is too protective or involved this can cause the kids to suffer. This is a  problem for the child because it could cause Anxiety or stress and can hinder their self-confidence. 

A 2014 study published by the Journal of Child and Family Studies found that over-parenting can be associated with higher levels of child anxiety and depression. This is also true for college students whose parents were also overly involved in their lives.  An over controlling parent can cause Self- confidence and self-esteem problems in children or young adults. This is because if the parent does everything for the child the child will feel like they aren't good enough or the parent doesn't trust them enough to do it by themselves.  If this happens then it can make the child dependent upon the parent and wont learn how to do things themselves. 

The positives of helicopter parenting is you can always rely on the kid to be done with their homework or show up on time and are prepared for their activities. This can help the child be caught up in school so the child doesn't have to worry about dropping grades. Helicopter parents tend to be more involved in their child's extracurricular or in school activities. Such as, volunteering for school functions or joining the PTA at school. 

I think that helicopter parents are hindering  their child by doing everything for them. I think that they are not letting their child go through the failures and positives in life. I think that once they get out of college they won't be able to do anything for themselves and will most likely end up relying on parent approval.



What do you think about helicopter parenting?

Does helicopter parenting benefit or hinder the child?

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  • Great topic choice and super job Molly!

  • I think helicopter parenting isn't good parenting. Parents get the privacy they want, but kids should also get the privacy they want. I believe that helicopter parenting isn't beneficial because it can influence kids to hide stuff from them rather than being open about it. 

  • I think helicopter parenting goes nowhere for the parent and the child. Being involved with your child's life isn't bad but pushing those boundaries can be harsh.  If you want your child to have a equal and self controlled life learn those boundaries. 

  • I think that helicopter parenting is not good for children. It offers no freedom for the indivual kids and they will resent their parents forever. 

  • I think helicopter parenting is hindering for their child. It doesn't allow the child any individual freedom, and can cause them to not want to or not be able to learn and do things on their own. Children need to experience things for themselves in order to learn.

    • I agree and kids need their individual freedom.

  • I think that helicopter parenting is hindering the childs mental state. I had a friends whos mom did this and the friend eventually ran away and did really bad things. All because her mom would be way too strict and ground her over pointless things, she was 16 and was grounded if she was on her phon epast 8. Kids have to feel a certain freedom at certain ages and this can discourage kids.

    • I agree and I know someone too with helicopter parents and it is hinduring them. 

  • I belive that helicopter parenting should not be a thing and it needs to go away. I also think that the kids are not going to be able to do anything for their self because the kids and teens had always had things handed to them.

    • I agree and they shouldnt have things handed to them.

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