• Students need to choose topics based on current events, social issues or US/World History. 
  • A 'Hot Take" is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as "a quickly produced, strongly worded, and often deliberately provocative or sensational opinion or reaction to on a specific topic.
  • Everyone in class will write one Hot Take/Story a quarter. Hot Takes/Stories will be added to the "Forum" section of my website.
  • Due to the nature of school, our "Hot Takes" will need to stay away from strong language, bullying, racist/sexist/homphobic or any other discriminatory topics. If you are not sure if your topic is appropriate, please check with me before posting.
  • Students will lead their "hot take" discussion on the forum. At the end of every week, one-four new students will be selected to be a "hot take" forum post leader in each class for the next week. Forum post leaders will be graded(100 points) on the last day of school for the week.





  • 1. Length should be neither too long or nor too short. Focus on quality writing. Be sure to use proper capitalization, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, etc.
  • 2. If using sources, be sure to cite them at the end of your post.Also, be sure to summarize information from the source in your own words. Summarize, not plagiarize.
  • 3. Do not write anything that would be considered discriminatory towards others in any way. 
  • 4. Be sure to reply regularly to student comments throughout the week(at least three different days with Thursday being one of the days).
  • 5. Be sure to ask a couple of good questions at the end of your "hot take" so students have something to reply to.
  • 6. Have a catchy title. Don't forget to capitalize key words in your title.
  • 7. Your "hot take" needs to be published by class time on Monday so you can give a brief summary of your topic to the class that day. If you do not have it posted, you will lose ten points per day it isn't posted. You will receive a zero if not posted by the time I grade it on Friday. If you then get it posted over the next weekend, you can only earn up to 50% credit.
  • 8. Check all the posts from previous weeks so you don't select the same or very similar story.
  • 9. Replies you make to other students as a forum post leader do not count towards your 20(or 25) forum posts you need each cycle.
  • 10. The top five stories with the most comments will get extra credit(5,4,3,2,1).


Breakdown of the 100 points:

-70 points will be based on the topics you choose and how well written your summary is as well as the quality of the question(s) you pose.

-30 points will be based on how well and frequent you reply to student comments.

**If no students reply to your topic, I will look at the quality of your summary to determine your grade. Is it your fault no one replied?

  • -2 for not capitalizing words in your title or having a bad title
  • Up to -69 for having a short summary
  • Up to -15 for errors within your summary
  • Up to -5 for having weak questions
  • -10 for not having any questions
  • -30 for no replies to student comments
  • Up to -29 for limited replies to student comments
  • -10 for commenting on only one day or -5 for commenting on two days
  • -10 points for each day late. If you do not have it posted by the time I grade it, your score will be a 0/100. I will allow you to make up part of the 0/100 if posted by the following Monday but there will be a 50% deduction for being late. You will be expected to reply to students that next week as well.
  • 0/100 if plagiarized plus a detention
  • You will get no higher than a C if you do a story that was done in previous weeks 
  • You will get no higher than a C if you do a news story summary instead of a "hot take".





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