FedEx Kidnapping

On November, 30 a 7-year-old girl was taken from her front yard. The FedEx driver, Tanner Lynn Horner, was delivering the young girl's Christmas present when he took her. Athena's mother, Maitlyn, called for stricter screening policies for FedEx drivers. Athena and her family lived in Wise County, Texas. Her mother states, “I was robbed of watching her grow up, by a man that everyone was supposed to be able to trust to do just one simple task – deliver a Christmas present and leave.”


A county-wide search was conducted and her body was found that Friday afternoon. It is believed that she was killed within an hour of her kidnapping. The cause of Athena's death is still unknown, as the investigation is still ongoing. The suspect is being held in Wise County jail with a $1.5 bond. He is set to have charges for aggravated kidnapping and capital murder. 


Horner said that he accidentally hit the girl with his delivery truck. He panicked and even though she was not seriously injured he took her with him. Horner was worried that she would tell her father what had happened. I cannot imagine how this family feels after losing their daughter. I'm sure the 7-year-old was terrified when she was taken and had no clue what was happening.

Do you think the driver hit the little girl first?


Should the driver be sentenced to life in jail? If not, what do you think his sentence should be?


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  • Well done Kendall! This story was done last semester. Your summary is good but perhaps a tad brief.

  • There are sick twisted people in the world that would just take the girl just because they want to kill. In this situation he might have hit the girl he might have just taken and killed her. He should be scentened to life in prison even if he did or didn't hit her. He deserves to pay for what he did to that little girl and the pain he inflicted on her family.

  • I think that the fedex driver should be sentences to life in prision/jail at the least or senteced to death because the kid was only 7 and couldn't have really done anything to get away. I also think that the fedex driver should have just made sure she was ok and left if he actually hit her.

  • I think the driver should be locked up for life or sentenced to death. What he did to that poor girl was so upseting. The driver should not have any right to be allowed to walk around. I do think the driver hit her on purpose trying to let out anger or sadness and freaked out when he did hit the poor child. 

  • I think the driver shoud be locked up or senteced to death because of what he has done to a poor inocent child that did not deserve what had happned. I do beleive that the driver hit the little girl first because of anger or something else.

  • I think it is possible that the driver hit the little girl before kidnapping her. I do not know how much time he will get in prison according to the law, but I believe that the driver deserves a very long time for commiting this horrible crime and taking away a future from the girl.

  • I do think the driver should be sentenced to life in jail because anybody who touches kids or hurts them or kidnaps them should go to jail forever because that guy just ruined her life she is more than likely going to have PTSD or flashbacks and be scared to do some stuff now that is just wrong.

  • We don't have the full story yet and we do not know if he really hit her. If he did hit her with his car by accident, he should get a good amount of time but not for life, but I have a feeling he just said that to get a shorter sentence. So, if he purposefully killed her, he should get a life sentence.

  • I am not sure exactly what happened but all I know is that the guy should get life in prison. The poor child got her life taken away from her for no reason. She was just enjoying her life around christmas time. The present he was supposed to deliver was supposed to be for her.

  • I think that the driver should definetely be sentenced for a lot of years. I don't know about for life just because we still don't know exactly everything that happened. If the driver should for sure be sentenced for a few years. This was a horrible act. 

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